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Cheat Codes
Use Windows Explorer to enter the game directory and create a copy of the "" file and name it as "ixtlriimceourl".
Note: In earlier versions of the game, the file must be renamed to "buymechcommander.2". Copy and rename "" so both filenames are present if the game's patch status is unknown. Then, enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.
Note: Continues use of some of the codes may crash the game.

Cheat Code Screen
glennrocksthehouse or getsalvageStart of missionFully salvage destroyed Mechs
rockandrollpeopleLogistics phaseNo weight limit on current mission
poundoffleshLogistics phase1,000,000 resource points
lorrieDuring missionRefill ammo and armor
osmiumDuring missionToggle God mode
deadeyeDuring missionMaximum gunnery skill fur current mission
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + WDuring missionSuccessfully complete current mission
lord bunnyDuring missionPress B + Left Mouse Button for unlimited artillery strikes
mineeyeshaveseenthegloryDuring missionFull map
framegraphDuring missionDisplay frame rate

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