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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press [Enter], type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Alternate viewstratperspective
Center camera on selected unitcentermass
Change blue ambient lightambb
Change green ambient lightambg
Change red ambient lightambr
Control the camera's maximum heightmaxheight
Control the camera's maximum pitchmaxpitch
Control the camera's minimum heightminheight
Control the camera's minimum pitchminpitch
Damage first vehicle in present platoonhurt
Disable horizonseattle
Disable the victory checknovictory
Disables effects of commanders commanders
Display current RGB ambient light valuesamb
Display frame ratefps
Displays memory used by soundsoundbytes
Exit to windowsexit
Farthest distance to draw fogfarfog [number]
Farthest to draw objects/terrainfarclip [number]
Full radarchessmatch
Identify selected vehicleid
Instant losshasselhoff
Instant wingameoverman
Kill several enemy unitskillenemy
List currently selected targets targetlist
Lock vehicle in placechillout
Mark all tanks with yellow trianglesneon
Mark your buildings and tanks with yellow boxesavatar
Nearest distance to draw fognearfog [number]
Nearest distance to draw objects/terrainnearclip [number]
No textures on tactical mapgrid
Polluted skylondon
Remove treesamazon
Reveal enemy positionsispy
Scale all models to x times original sizescalemodel [number]
Set acceleration speedscaleacceleration [number]
Set the blue direction of lightdirb [number]
Set the camera heightcameraheight [number]
Set the green direction of lightdirg [number]
Set travel speedscalespeed [number]
Set turning speedscaleturn [number]
You and opponents are invinciblepolytheism

Note: Tanks will be damaged, but not immediately destroyed. Repeat this code to kill more units.

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