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Card Mods
    Abbys Worm: 1 for 1 Windmill
    Adamatoise: 3 for 1 Turtle Shell
    Anacondour: 1 for 1 Venom Fang
    Angelo: 1 for 100 Elixers
    Bahamut: 1 for 100 Megalixers
    Belhelmel: 1 for 1 Saw Blade
    Bite Bug: 1 for 1 M: Stone Peice
    Blitz: 1 for 1 Dynamo Stone
    Bomb: 1 for 1 Bomb Fragment
    Cactuar: 1 for 1 Cactus Thorn
    Cocatrice: 1 for 1 Cocatrice Pinion
    Creeps: 1 for 1 Coral Fragment
Easy Ability Points
Go to Cactaur Island and earn 20 AP for each Cactaur that is defeated in battle. Cactaur Island is the small island covered by a desert.
Easy Experience Points
Display the world map and travel to the left-most island. It contains powerful monsters that can easily level up your characters after battles.
Free Potions
You can get free Potions in Timber Town. Get Rinoa in the party, then go to the bridge where you saw the guards. Keep returning until a man appears. Talk to him, then talk to him a second time to receive a Potion. Leave the screen and return until he appears again and repeat.
GF Compatibility Items
The following is a list of GF compatibility items, which raise the speed of your GF's summon time:

GFItemDropped by
QuezacotlDynamo StoneCockatrice, Blitz
ShivaNorthern windThrustaevis
Jumbo CactuarCactus ThornCactuar
PandemonaWindmill,Shear FeatherThrustaevis, Death Claw
CerberusNone (not elemental)(none)
BrothersDino BoneT-Rexaur, Sacredcard
DiablosNone (not elemental)(None)
AlexanderMoon StoneElnoyle, Torama, Imp
LeviathanFish FinFastitocalon-F, Fastitocalon
BahamutDragon SkinAnacondaur, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Hexadragon
TonberryChefs KnifeTonberry

Guardian Force Locations
    Quezacotl, Shiva

    Squall's desk computer.


    Defeat Ifrit.


    Draw from Monster after fighting Biggs and Wedge.


    Defeat Sacred and Minotaur in Tomb Of The Unknown King.


    Before going to Timber, talk to headmaster Cid until you get the Magic Lamp. Save the game, use the lamp, and defeat Diablos. Draw and store Demi then cast it. Do not draw and immediately cast, as he will not cast Curaga on your character.


    Draw from Statues attacking Rinoa at end of Disc 1.


    Draw from NORG after destroying his pod.


    Draw from Fuijin in the battle with Fuijin and Raijin.


    Draw from Cerberus during the Galbadia Garden invasion. He is at the center glowing circle near the entrance.


    Go to the island in lower left corner of the map. Walk only when light is not flashing. Go straight until the message "you have perceived the resonance" appears. Go to opening at flashing object, fight Ruby Dragon (you have no choice). If you are in bad shape, answer "Yeah, there's nothing we can do". If not, answer "Never". With luck, Ruby Dragon will not use its Breath attack, as your characters will die. When you win, select "Cancel", then "Accept". Watch out for Bahamut's Mega Flare.


    Defeat Odin. Then fight 20 Tonberrys at top of elevator or open place, not at torch lit place at its base. You will fight the Tonberry King.


    Use Ragnarok to fly to the island on the outside of a desert; you will see a cactus teleporting around. Walk up to it. Be careful, as its 10,000 needles do 100,000 damage.

    Doom Train

    Get the Solomon Ring from the Esthar Sorceress Memorial at end of Disc 3. Laguna will have talked about defeating Ultimicia. You need six steel pipes and other items. He will appear without a fight.


    Draw from Ultima Weapon. Bahamut must have already been defeated. Give one pressure spot all the time you can. If you do not, reset at the first steam pressure spot, put Zell in you party and let him "tinker" with the machine demanding four pressure; you will get away. Since you lose four pressure the first time you reset, it is as if you did not make a mistake (only, a lot of strong monsters will flood the area). Set the Move/Find ability to find the final save spot.

No Random Battles
Use the following methods to never have any random battle outside of towns: rent a car for 3,500 gil, walk on train tracks, walk on paved roads, or get Diablos' No Encounter ability.
Rare Card Locations

    Look for UFOs to pass by during a battle in the following places (you must have Diablos' "Enc-None"):

    1. Outside Winhill Town
    2. Mandy Beach, northeast of Timber
    3. Heath Peninsula, east of Trabia Garden
    4. Kashkabald Desert

    After sighting all four, fly the Ragnarok to the rocky cliffs above the Chocobo Shrine. Encounter a UFO and defeat it. Then, head to the crater where Balamb Garden used to be. You will encounter a PuPu. Feed him five elixirs and you will be rewarded. Its only a level 5 card, but is definitely the hardest card to find.

    Fat Chocobo

    Man in front of Balamb Library (Queen of Cards Quest).


    Watts, on Forest Owl's train.


    CC King.


    Boy running laps around Balamb Garden.


    Summon four Large Chocobo at all six Forests, then proceed to the Chocobo Shrine.


    F.H. Mayor Dobe.


    Trade "Girl Next Door" to Zone.


    Defeat Ifrit.


    Card Master on second floor of the Dollet Pub.

    Secret and Minotaur

    Defeat Brothers.


    CC Heart.


    Defeat Diablos (Use the Magical Lamp obtained from Cid to find it).


    CC Joker.


    Defeat Odin.


    Zell's neighbors.


    Defeat Cerebrus.


    Piet in Lunarside Base.


    Esthar presidental assistant (Queen of Cards quest).


    Defeat Bahamut.


    Timber Pub bartender (Queen of Cards quest).


    Defeat Ultima Weapon.


    Dr. Odine in Esthar.


    Man in black suit in Deling shopping area (Queen of Cards quest).


    Ellone in Lunarside Base.


    Selphie's best friend in Trabia Garden.


    "Trepe Fan Club" in Balamb Garden.


    Flo (QoC quest).


    Zell's mom in Balamb town.


    Lose the Ifrit card to Gen. Caraway in Deling City. Win it back from Marlene in F.H.


    Edea at her house.


    Cid at Edea's house.


    Laguna at Esthar.

SeeD Written Test Answers
After the assault on Dollet, a "Test" option will become available. Use the following answers to the corresponding test level to answer all questions correctly and raise Squall's SeeD ranking. The higher Squall's ranking, the more cash he will receive each pay period.

SeeD levelAnswers
1Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N
2Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, N
3N, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N
4N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N
5N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y
6Y, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, Y
7Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N
8N, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N
9N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, Y
10Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N
11Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y
12N, Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N
13Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N
14Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N
15Y, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y
16Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y, N
17Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, Y, N, N
18Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N
19Y, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y
20Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N
21Y, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N
22N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, Y, Y, N
23Y, N, N, N, N, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y
24Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, N, Y
25Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N
26Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N, N
27N, Y, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y, N
28Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N
29N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, N, Y, N
30N, Y, N, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N

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