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Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "soccer.ini" file in the game folder. Add one of the following lines to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result LINE
All teams unlockedCHEAT_UNLOCKED_TEAMS=1
Auto tacklingAUTO_TACKLING=1
Equal team statisticsCHEAT_EQUAL_TEAM_STATS=1
Tournament unlockedUNLOCK_TOURNAMENT=1
One on one modeONE_ON_ONE=1
Practice modePRACTICE_MODE=1
Demo modeDEMO_MODE=1
Windowed gameWINDOWED=1
Easy Goals From Halfway
When you start a match, change controls to the other team and hold [Keeper Rush] for the goalkeeper to rush out and get the ball. Pause the game while still holding [Keeper Rush] and change back to your side. The other goal keeper should keep rushing out and slide tacking you. Shoot from halfway and you should get a goal. Also for laughs, sometimes the goalkeeper grabs the ball meters from the box and nothing happens.
Seoul Stadium
Win the International Cup to unlock the Seoul stadium.
Stade De France Stadium
Win the Club Championship to unlock the Stade de France stadium.

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