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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press ~ to display the console window. Type "etherrevelation", then press [Enter] to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function at the screen. Press ~ to close the console window.

Result Screen Cheat Code
Win missionAdventure modewin
Lose missionAdventure modelose
No fog of warAdventure modeopen_fog
Restore fog of warAdventure modehide_fog
Quick saveAdventure modesave
Quick loadAdventure modeload
Player informationAdventure modeplayer
15 of all resources except etherAdventure modegive all
View resource informationAdventure modeview resources
Win battleCombat modewin
Lose battleCombat modelose
View enemy handCombat modeview_hand
Hide enemy handCombat modehide_hand
Swap enemy with yourselfCombat modeswap
Information about your armyCombat modeview army
Information about your handCombat modeview hand
Information about combatantsCombat modeview players
List spell and creature codesCombat modeview spells
Add indicated spellCombat modeadd spell [spell code]
Add indicated creatureCombat modeadd creature [creature code]
Set hero's healthCombat modechange health [number]
Set hero's manaCombat modechange mana [number]
Set hero's mana linksCombat modechange links [number]
Set enemy hero's healthCombat modechange enemy health [number]
Set enemy hero's manaCombat modechange enemy mana [number]
Set enemy hero's mana linksCombat modechange enemy links [number]
UnknownAdventure modeview heroes
UnknownAdventure modeopen_tomb
UnknownAdventure modetest
UnknownAdventure modeset
UnknownAdventure modenet start
UnknownAdventure modenet connect
UnknownAdventure modenet host
UnknownCombat modespec
UnknownCombat modedisenchant
UnknownCombat modeview creature

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