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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, hold [F1] and enter one of the following codes:

Cheat Code Result
mukorGod mode
dedlySuper weapon
billsBill's demo mode
funkyFunky key mode
ifallFalling mode
gmodeTurbo mode
toughExpert mode
windoWindow mode
golrgLarge character
btinySmall character
ghostDisable opponent physics
silkyEnemies ignore character
aiaimToggle AI
agravLimb gravity
lunarLunar gravity
peaceKill enemies
freezPause enemy
bamffEnd level
ntrudEnemy select
qsaveQuick save
pausePause the game
frameScreen capture
spcamEnemy viewpoint
mecamFirst person viewpoint
gocamStationary viewpoint
gammaAdjust gamma brightness
sepkuCommit suicide
bzoneToggle wireframe and shading
fpersDisplay sound cache errors
gouraEnable gourad shading
planeDisplay protection and damage points
nfadeToggle palette fading
colidDisplay collision boxes
hicupBounce around
catchToggle out of world trapping
crashImmediately quit game
sunnyDisable advanced shadows

Note: Press 1 to switch back to normal view.

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