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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, enter the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Note: Enabling any of these codes will reset your score to 0 unless a new game is started or when the frame rate is displayed.

alifalafelAll accessories
freespaceLevel select (1-24)
lpnlizardHoming weapons
bittersweetFish-eye view
pigfarmerView John's head/Shrunken window
gowingnutPsycho Guide-Bot
godzillaCrash into robots with one hit
helpvishnuCreates/Replaces the Guide-Bot
motherlodeWowie Zowie weapons
honestbobWowie Zowie weapons
ericaanneBouncing weapons
duddabooBouncing weapons
rockrgrlFull Map
joshuaakiraFull map
zingermansGod mode
eatangelosAll weapons
currygoatAll keys
oralgroove or algrooveAll keys
whammazoomLevel warp
frametimeDisplay framerate
silkwingMechs destroy each other
gabbagabbahey1% shields and energy
bittersweetUnderwater appearing walls
blueorbShield at 27%
wildfireRapid fire
fopkjewa, delshiftb, or ahwlmbpfDestroy reactor

Note: Enabling this code will leave shields and energy at 1%.

Extra Screen Resolutions
Start the game with the "descent2 -superhires" command line. Then, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 selections will appear on the screen resolutions menu.
Kill Robots
While playing a game, type "spaniard" to kill all robots in the mine. Repeat this code to kill the Boss robot (or Guide-Bot if no Boss is present). Repeat this code again to kill the Guide-Bot.

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