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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, enter the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Enable extras cheatextras fnkqrrm
Send admin message to all clients (host only)admin_message [message]
Sends chat message to all clients (host only)message [message]
Toggle framerate displayfps
View game in progress info in console window game_info
End current game (host only) gameover
Kick and ban a user from the game (WOL server only)kick
Set max net update think rate (times per second) net_update_rate
View player info in console windowplayer_info
End game and quit to Desktop (dedicated server only)quit
Shutdown slave server (dedicated master server only)quit_slave slavename
Quit to desktop and restart process (dedicated server
Toggle half pixel bias in screen text screen_uv_bias
Set total bandwidth budget outset_bw_budget_out [bps value]
Extra Units In Multi-player Mode
In multi-player practice or non-laddered mode, you can get extra units for characters and vehicles by pressing [F8] and typing "extras fnkqrrm" or "extras quantifigon" (in the unpatched version). If you entered the code correctly, the message "Extras enabled" will appear. Go to the Purchase Terminal and hold [Alt] the entire time that you are looking for something to buy. There should be four new characters and two new vehicles for each side. For GDI, the new characters are General Locke, Elana Petrova, Logan, and Lieutenant Maus and vehicles are a sedan and pickup truck. For NOD, the new characters are mutants, a chef, Mutated Petrova, and Kane.
Note: You will only see the new units. Release [Alt] to see the normal units. This will not work in a laddered game.
Infinite Skirmish Mode Time

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "svrcfg_skirmish.ini" file in the "\westwood\renegade\data" directory. Change the "gametime" value to zero to remove the time limit. You can also edit the amount of staring money.
Radio Commands
While playing a game, press one of the following key combinations to transmit the corresponding command.
Note: Hold [Ctrl], [Alt] or [Ctrl] + [Alt] to display a list of available radio commands.

Building needs repairs[Ctrl] + 1
Get in the vehicle[Ctrl] + 2
Get out of the vehicle[Ctrl] + 3
Destroy that vehicle[Ctrl] + 4
Watch where you're pointing that[Ctrl] + 5
Don't get in my way[Ctrl] + 6
Affirmative [Ctrl] + 7
Negative [Ctrl] + 8
I'm in position [Ctrl] + 9
Enemy spotted [Ctrl] + 0
I need repairs[Alt] + 1
Take the point [Alt] + 2
Move out [Alt] + 3
Follow me [Alt] + 4
Hold position [Alt] + 5
Cover me [Alt] + 6
Take cover[Alt] + 7
Fall back [Alt] + 8
Return to base [Alt] + 9
Destroy it now[Alt] + 0
Attack the base defenses[Ctrl] + [Alt] + 1
Attack the harvester[Ctrl] + [Alt] + 2
Attack that structure[Ctrl] + [Alt] + 3
Attack the refinery[Ctrl] + [Alt] + 4
Attack the power plant[Ctrl] + [Alt] + 5
Defend the base[Ctrl] + [Alt] + 6
Defend the harvester[Ctrl] + [Alt] + 7
Defend that structure[Ctrl] + [Alt] + 8
Defend the refinery[Ctrl] + [Alt] + 9
Defend the power plant[Ctrl] + [Alt] + 0

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