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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press T to display the chat prompt. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
God mode/godmode
Level skip/nextlevel
Room select/room [room number]
Spawn object/spawn [object number]
Extra 100 gold/moregold
Monsters attack each other/insanity
Small monsters/tinymonsters
Small players/tinyplayers
Repeat effect of last code entered/repeat
Object Number List
Use one of the following values with the "/spawn" code:

ObjectObject number
Sword +1 0
Sword +21
Sword +32
Sword +43
Sword +54
Shield +15
Shield +26
Shield +37
Shield +48
Shield +59
Ring of Agility10
Ring of Fire (+3 Fire Magic)11
Ring of the Sword (+3 Sword)12
Ring of Destruction(+3 explosion)13
Ring of the Axe (+3 Axe)14
Health Potion15
Mana Potion16
Strength Potion17
Magic Potion 18
Life Potion19
Axe +127
Axe +228
Axe +329
Axe +430
Axe +531
Armor +132
Armor +233
Armor +334
Armor +435
Armor +536
10 Gold37
15 Gold38
20 Gold39
25 Gold40
30 Gold41
Gold Bar42
Gold Bar43
Gold Bar44
Ruby Necklace48
Pearl Necklace49
Confusion Scroll level 150
Confusion Scroll level 251
Confusion Scroll level 352
Confusion Scroll level 453
Confusion Scroll level 554
Explosion Scroll level 155
Explosion Scroll level 256
Explosion Scroll level 357
Explosion Scroll level 458
Explosion Scroll level 559
Fireball Scroll level 160
Fireball Scroll level 261
Fireball Scroll level 362
Fireball Scroll level 463
Fireball Scroll level 564
1 Gold65
2 Gold66
3 Gold67
4 Gold68
5 Gold69
Meteor Rain Scroll level 170
Meteor Rain Scroll level 271
Meteor Rain Scroll level 372
Meteor Rain Scroll level 473
Meteor Rain Scroll level 574
Lightning Scroll level 175
Lightning Scroll level 276
Lightning Scroll level 377
Lightning Scroll level 478
Lightning Scroll level79
Extra Life Potion80

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