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Cannot Cheat From This Server Fix
This trick will exploit a fatal error when applying the "+set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1" command line parameter, if you get the "You cannot cheat on the server" message. After starting the game with that command line parameter, select a new game (or "Resume" a current game and the cheat should work). Set the level and start it. Then, save the game and exit out back to Windows. Restart the game and select "Resume". Do not manually select a game to load. All you need to do is "Resume" your current game.
Cheat Codes
Start the game with the "+set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0" command line parameter. While playing a game, press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. Repeat a code to disable its effect.
Note: If the game responds "sv_cheats are read only", then type "setrandom sv_cheats 1" in the console before activating the codes. If the game responds that "cheats are not enabled on this server" then type "spdevmap [map name]" (for example, "burnville" or "dawnville") in the console before activating the codes.

Result Cheat Code
Full healthgive health
Get all itemsgive all
Extra ammunitiongive ammo
Ignored by enemynotarget
No clipping modenoclip
Fly modeufo
Toggle debug modedebug [0-1]
Toggle developer modedeveloper [0-1]
Teleport to a specific map nodejumptonode
Play indicated mapmap [map name]
Spawn indicated itemgive [item name]
List all cvarscvarlist
Dump all cvars to consolecvardump
Reset all cvarscvar_restart
List all console commandscmdlist
List all shaders of current mapshaderlist
List all images of current mapimagelist
List all sounds currently usedsnd_list
List all entities currently usedentitylist
List all currently bound keysbindlist
View graphics informationgfxinfo
Commit suicidekill
Save gamesavegame
Load saved gameloadgame
Reset variable to default valuereset [variable name]
Play a cinematic filecinematic
Set crosshair transparency; default is 1.0cg_crosshairAlpha [number]
Set gravity value; default is 800g_gravity [number]
Set HUD transparency; default is 1.0cg_hudAlpha [number]
Set seconds that dead bodies remain on-screenai_corpsecount [number]
Set shellshock durationcg_shellshock [number]
Set skill levelg_gameSkill [number]
Set weapon knockback power; default is 1000g_knockback [number]
Set game speed; 0.5 is half speed, 1 is defaulttimescale [number]
Show miss distance when hitting NPCscg_showMiss [0-1]
Spawn indicated modeltestmodel [model name]
Free movement while pausedcl_paused 2
Return to normal paused screencl_paused 0
Toggle AIg_ai [0 or 1]
Toggle bullet debug modeg_debugBullets [0 or 1]
Toggle bullet markscg_marks [0 or 1]
Toggle console debugging.con_debug [0 or 1]
Toggle crosshaircg_drawCrosshair [0 or 1]
Toggle ejecting shellscg_brass [0 or 1]
Toggle entity bounding boxesg_drawEntBBoxes v
Toggle fogr_fog [0 or 1]
Toggle framerate displaecg_drawFPS [0 or 1]
Toggle FXfx_draw [0 or 1]
Toggle FX debugging.fx_debug [0 or 1]
Toggle FX freezingfx_freeze [0 or 1]
Toggle fx. If set to 0, fx will be disabledfx_enable [0 or 1]
Toggle game timercg_drawTimer [0 or 1]
Toggle hit debug modeg_debugShowHit [0 or 1]
Toggle HUDcg_drawStatus [0 or 1]
Toggle HUD and crosshaircg_draw2D [0 or 1]
Toggle letterbox formatcg_letterbox [0 or 1]
Toggle NPC health display g_debugDamage [0 or 1]
Toggle objects and backgroundsr_drawWorld [0 or 1]
Toggle objects and NPCsr_drawEntities [0 or 1]
Toggle player and AI movement debug modeg_debugMove [0 or 1]
Toggle player and AI movement debuggingcl_debugMove [0 or 1]
Toggle rendringcg_noRender [0 or 1]
Toggle shadows.cg_shadows [0 or 1]
Toggle spawningg_spawnai [0 or 1]
Toggle subtitlescg_subtitles [0 or 1]
Toggle third person viewcg_thirdPerson [0 or 1]
Toggle vehicle debug modeg_vehicleDebug [0 or 1]
Toggle wireframe moder_showtris [0 or 1]
Unknowndebug_tankall [0 or 1]
Unknownchain [0 or 1]
Unknownai_nocriticalsections [0 or 1]
Unknowncg_skybox [0 or 1]
Unknowncg_stats [0 or 1]
Unknowncg_noPredict [0 or 1]
Unknowncg_ignore [0 or 1]
Unknowncl_run [0 or 1]
Unknowncl_running [0 or 1]
Unknowndmflags [0 or 1]
Hidden Comment
In Burnville (the second map), when you have to go into the church to knock out the two machine gunners and the antiaircraft fire, do not go to the church. Instead, stay behind the big tomb with a cross on it and throw grenades over the wall to where the two machine gunners and antiaircraft guns would be (the corner of where the walls meet above it). Keep throwing them until someone says "Way to chuck, Private".
Map Names
Use one of the following values with the "map [map name]" code:


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