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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
View hit points of all ants[Ctrl] + L
Hatch ant from anywhere[Ctrl] + H
Select all ants[Ctrl] + A
Select single ant[Ctrl] + N
Select previous ant[Ctrl] + P
Stop selected ant[Ctrl] + S
Options[Ctrl] + O
Quit game[Ctrl] + Q

Duplicate Food
If an ant dies, surround its remaining food on all sides with other ants. Press [Ctrl] + A to select all the ants surrounding the food. Click on the food to have all the ants pick up the same food.
Walk On Water In Multi-player Mode
Change the maps of the game during multi-player mode. When using a different map than the other players, the game will allow you to walk on water in the multi-player game while the game displayed on screen is on land.

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