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Nintendo 64

Alternate Costumes
At the player selection screen, press C-Left or C-Right.
Character Selection Camera
At the character selection screen, use the Analog-stick to move the character and adjust the zoom.
Hints, Tips, And Tricks

    Regain health

    When a CPU opponent does a pin move outside, hold the Analog-stick Down to regain health.
    Note: This also works for human opponents, but they can break the hold at any time.

    Remove masks

    Select a wrestler that does an Eye rake as a head submission. Then, perform this move approximately five times when your opponent is on the ground.
    Note: Taking a mask off will cause your opponent's Spirit to fill to maximum.

    Execute opponent's finishing move

    Wait until your character's Spirit is flashing. Then, hold A for a grapple and press A + B.

    Get up from any pin

    While CPU or human opponent is pinning your character, quickly tap the Analog-stick Left and Right or Up and Down. You can always kick out of a pin using this method. If your character is in a submission, you will kick out most of the time fairly quickly, but sometimes may have to submit. Note: This does not work on TKOs.

    Easy win against the CPU

    When you are on the left side of the screen, grab and throw your opponent out of the ring. Go outside, and run along the front of the ring while your opponent is still down. Then, re-enter the ring from the right side while your opponent is on the left side. Stay to the right side of the ring and your opponent will be counted out as long as the 10 or 20 count is selected.

    Play possum

    If you are knocked down or injure yourself, you can stay down until somebody picks you up by holding the Analog-stick Down. This is particularly effective if you stay down as long as possible, then release the Analog-stick when your opponent is going to do a high flying move to force them to hurt themselves.

    Flying opponent

    Grab and toss your opponent when he climbs the ropes. Hold the Analog-stick as he is flying through the air. Your opponent should stop in mid-air and do a taunt. Then he will bend over and spin in a circle in the air. The only way to get your opponent down is to hit him, by doing damage to him, or by slamming another player, such as in tag team, four-player, or handicap modes. If you do a grapple move to another player, the opponent in the air spinning will do the same motion of getting hurt as the person you are slamming.

    Injure tag team opponents

    Select tag team and tag format. When an opponent is knocked down, go to your other opponent, press A and keep tapping C. You can also run into them. If you hit your opponent's head into the turnbuckle it will hurt him even more.

Wrestle As Diamond Dallas Page
Beat WCW in league challenge mode.
Wrestle As Glacier
Beat IU in league challenge mode.
Wrestle As Joe Bruiser Or Black Widow
Beat DOA, IU, WCW, and NOW in league challenge mode. Then, select the new "Whole World Wrestling" option. Now beat the Heavyweight and Cruiserweight classes, to face Joe Bruiser and Black Widow. Both will be selectable characters after they are defeated.
Wrestle As Macho Man Randy Savage
Beat NWO in league challenge mode.
Wrestle As Wrath
Beat DOA in league challenge mode.

Gameshark WCW vs. nWo: World Tour Hacks
Time Always 00:00800F16EF 0000
Unlock All Hidden Characters80060665 00FF
Always Max Spirit P1800F0801 0064
Always Normal Spirt P1800F0801 0032
Always No Spirit P1800F0801 0000
Always Max Spirit P2800F0BA1 0064
Always Normal Spirt P2800F0BA1 0032
Always No Spirit P2800F0BA1 0000
Always Max Spirit P3800F0F41 0064
Always Normal Spirt P3800F0F41 0032
Always No Spirit P3800F0F41 0000
Always Max Spirit P4800F12E1 0064
Always Normal Spirt P4800F12E1 0032
Always No Spirit P4800F12E1 0000
Have WWW League Challenge & All Belts80060669 00FF
8106066A FFFF
Infinite Time Out Of Ring800F16C4 0014
Press GS Button For Quick Out Of Ring Count Out880F16C4 0001
Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P1800F080A 0064
810F1C20 0000
800F1C22 0000
Always Have Baseball Bat P1800F080A 0064
810F1C20 0101
800F1C22 0000
Always Have Silver Chair P1800F080A 0024
810F1C20 0202
800F1C22 0000
Always Have Table Piece P1800F080A 0024
810F1C20 0303
800F1C22 0000
Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P2800F0BAA 0064
810F1C40 0000
800F1C42 0001
Always Have Baseball Bat P2800F0BAA 0064
810F1C40 0101
800F1C42 0001
Always Have Silver Chair P2800F0BAA 0024
810F1C40 0202
800F1C42 0001
Always Have Table Piece P2800F0BAA 0024
810F1C40 0303
800F1C42 0001
Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P3800F0F4A 0064
810F1C60 0000
800F1C62 0002
Always Have Baseball Bat P3800F0F4A 0064
810F1C60 0101
800F1C62 0002
Always Have Silver Chair P3800F0F4A 0024
810F1C60 0202
800F1C62 0002
Always Have Table Piece P3800F0F4A 0024
810F1C60 0303
800F1C62 0002
Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P4800F12EA 0064
810F1C80 0000
800F1C82 0003
Always Have Baseball Bat P4800F12EA 0064
810F1C80 0101
800F1C82 0003
Always Have Silver Chair P4800F12EA 0024
810F1C80 0202
800F1C82 0003
Always Have Table Piece P4800F12EA 0024
810F1C80 0303
800F1C82 0003
Start Match Weird800F16E2 1111
When Running Cannot do Anything800F0811 0066
Longer Full Spirit P1800F0801 0099
Longer Full Spirit P2800F0BA1 0099
Longer Full Spirit P3800F0F41 0099
Longer Full Spirit P4800F12E1 0099
P2 Small When P1 Presses ZD0047940 0020
800F0BD1 0000
P3 Small When P1 Presses ZD0047940 0020
800F0F71 0000
P4 Small When P1 Presses ZD0047940 0020
800F1311 0000
Makes P2 Move Back & Forth Fast810F1C70 0000
800F1C72 0001
800F0BDA 0064
Makes P3 Move Back & Forth Fast810F1C90 0000
800F1C92 0002
800F0F7A 0064
Makes P4 Move Back & Forth Fast810F1CB0 0000
800F1CB2 0003
800F131A 0064
P2 Cannot Make Other Players Run810F1C15 00FF
P4 Can do Submisson Holds on P1 Forever800F0806 2617
Ultimate Code For P1810F0800 2617
Minutes Are Counted as SecondsA00F16EF 4444
Messed-Up ClockA00F16EF 4444
Teleport Punching P1800F0894 5445
Strange Effect P1 Modifiers800F0B9B 00??
Strange Effect P2 Modifiers800F0B9B 00??
Strange Effect P3 Modifiers800F0F3B 00??
Strange Effect P4 Modifiers800F12DB 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Strange Effect Modifier
13 - Be In P2 Corner
11 - Constantly Being Hit
19 - Run in Place
16 - Constantly Taunting
21 - Constant Cheap Moves
17 - Constantly Acting Special
59 - Constantly Falling Out of Ring
57 - Never Give Up
55 - Constantly Climbing Ropes
31 - Press R to Lie Down Permanently
29 - Constantly Flexing
29 - Constantly Using Invisible Table
15 - A Different Attack
07 - Cheap Shot
09 - Cheap Shot P2
49 - Decapitate Player
47 - Constantly Swinging Arms
41 - Sound Like a Dog
65- Constantly Rolling
63 - Constantly Falling
61 - Constantly Punching
67 - Constantly Floating
35 - Press R To ACT Special
33 - Frozen Players
23 - Cannot Get Out of Submission
BB + 810F1C20 0000 - Unmask Players
23 - Cannot Re-enter The Ring
16 - Cannot Grapple
FFFF - Tall Players

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