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Nintendo 64

Bonus Multi-player Characters
Successfully complete single player trial mode with Turok to unlock another character in single player trial mode. Each time that this is done, another character will also be unlocked in the multi-player mode.
Cheat Menu
At the title screen, press Z to display the cheat menu. Accumulate 2000 frags total with all the characters to unlock all the cheats in the menu. To unlock all the options quickly, build a saved game with a character that has over 500 frags. Copy that character into the three other slots on the controller pak. Then, load all four of these cloned players to the game. All cheats will now be available in the menu since the combined frag count will be over 2000.
You can get medals in multi-player mode by simply setting a frag limit and winning that match. You also get four medals in single player trial mode by defeating Bastille, Syra, Simbiont and Tal Set.

Gameshark Turok: Rage Wars Hacks
Enable CodeEE000000 0000
Player 1 Codes
Infinite Health81336526 6400
Infinite Ammo (Bullet Rounds)80336535 0063
Infinite Ammo (Energy Rounds)80336537 0063
Infinite Ammo (Explosive Rounds)80336539 0063
Warhammer Slot Modifier80336543 00??
Boomerang Slot Modifier80336545 00??
Tek Crossbow Slot Modifier80336547 00??
Mag 60 Slot Modifier80336549 00??
Shotgun Slot Modifier8033654B 00??
Assault Rifle Slot Modifier8033654D 00??
Minigun Slot Modifier8033654F 00??
Plasma Rifle Slot Modifier80336551 00??
Freez Gun Slot Modifier80336553 00??
Flare Gun Slot Modifier80336555 00??
Grenades Slot Modifier80336557 00??
Scorpion Slot Modifier80336559 00??
Napalm Cell Slot Modifier8033655B 00??
Emaciator Slot Modifier8033655D 00??
Inflator Slot Modifier8033655F 00??
Chest Burster Slot Modifier80336561 00??
Cerebral Bore Slot Modifier80336567 00??
PFM Mine Slot Modifier80336569 00??
Iron Claw Slot Modifier8033656B 00??
Sentry Turret Slot Modifier8033656D 00??
Player 2 Codes
Infinite Health81337C0E 6400
Infinite Ammo (Bullet Rounds)80337C1D 0063
Infinite Ammo (Energy Rounds)80337C1F 0063
Infinite Ammo (Explosive Rounds)80337C21 0063
Warhammer Slot Modifier80337C2B 00??
Boomerang Slot Modifier80337C2D 00??
Tek Crossbow Slot Modifier80337C2F 00??
Mag 60 Slot Modifier80337C31 00??
Shotgun Slot Modifier80337C33 00??
Assault Rifle Slot Modifier80337C35 00??
Minigun Slot Modifier80337C37 00??
Plasma Rifle Slot Modifier80337C39 00??
Freez Gun Slot Modifier80337C3B 00??
Flare Gun Slot Modifier80337C3D 00??
Grenades Slot Modifier80337C3F 00??
Scorpion Slot Modifier80337C41 00??
Napalm Cell Slot Modifier80337C43 00??
Emaciator Slot Modifier80337C45 00??
Inflator Slot Modifier80337C47 00??
Chest Burster Slot Modifier80337C49 00??
Cerebral Bore Slot Modifier80337C4F 00??
PFM Mine Slot Modifier80337C51 00??
Iron Claw Slot Modifier80337C53 00??
Sentry Turret Slot Modifier80337C55 00??
Player 3 Codes
Infinite Health813392F6 6400
Infinite Ammo (Bullet Rounds)80339305 0063
Infinite Ammo (Energy Rounds)80339307 0063
Infinite Ammo (Explosive Rounds)80339309 0063
Warhammer Slot Modifier80339313 00??
Boomerang Slot Modifier80339315 00??
Tek Crossbow Slot Modifier80339317 00??
Mag 60 Slot Modifier80339319 00??
Shotgun Slot Modifier8033931B 00??
Assault Rifle Slot Modifier8033931D 00??
Minigun Slot Modifier8033931F 00??
Plasma Rifle Slot Modifier80339321 00??
Freez Gun Slot Modifier80339323 00??
Flare Gun Slot Modifier80339325 00??
Grenades Slot Modifier80339327 00??
Scorpion Slot Modifier80339329 00??
Napalm Cell Slot Modifier8033932B 00??
Emaciator Slot Modifier8033932D 00??
Inflator Slot Modifier8033932F 00??
Chest Burster Slot Modifier80339331 00??
Cerebral Bore Slot Modifier80339337 00??
PFM Mine Slot Modifier80339339 00??
Iron Claw Slot Modifier8033933B 00??
Sentry Turret Slot Modifier8033933D 00??
Player 4 Codes
Infinite Health8133A9DE 6400
Infinite Ammo (Bullet Rounds)8033A9ED 0063
Infinite Ammo (Energy Rounds)8033A9EF 0063
Infinite Ammo (Explosive Rounds)8033A9F1 0063
Warhammer Slot Modifier8033A9FB 00??
Boomerang Slot Modifier8033A9FD 00??
Tek Crossbow Slot Modifier8033A9FF 00??
Mag 60 Slot Modifier8033AA01 00??
Shotgun Slot Modifier8033AA03 00??
Assault Rifle Slot Modifier8033AA05 00??
Minigun Slot Modifier8033AA07 00??
Plasma Rifle Slot Modifier8033AA09 00??
Freez Gun Slot Modifier8033AA0B 00??
Flare Gun Slot Modifier8033AA0D 00??
Grenades Slot Modifier8033AA0F 00??
Scorpion Slot Modifier8033AA11 00??
Napalm Cell Slot Modifier8033AA13 00??
Emaciator Slot Modifier8033AA15 00??
Inflator Slot Modifier8033AA17 00??
Chest Burster Slot Modifier8033AA19 00??
Cerebral Bore Slot Modifier8033AA1F 00??
PFM Mine Slot Modifier8033AA23 00??
Iron Claw Slot Modifier8033AA25 00??
Sentry Turret Slot Modifier8033AA27 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Slot Modifier Codes
00 - Slot 1
01 - Slot 2
02 - Slot 3
03 - Slot 4
04 - Slot 5
05 - Slot 6
06 - Slot 7
07 - Slot 8

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