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Extra Rupees

    In Koriki Forest, the starting town, go by the shop and jump on the blocks that lead to it to get 5 rupees. Enter in the shop, come back out, and jump on the blocks again to collect more money.

    There is a door to the right before entering the market. Enter to find some vases and boxes that contain rupees. After collecting the money, exit, then re-enter the room. Search the vases and boxes again to collect the rupees again.

    When first entering Hyrule Castle, there is a door that resembles the background. Enter and smash all the pots to collect about fifty rupees. Leave the room and return to collect all the rupees again.

    After collecting all the chickens in Kakariko village for the first time, keep repeating that process to collect 50 rubies each time.

    Shoot the signs in Gerudo Fortress with a little moon on them with your hookshot for 20 rupees.

    Go to the front of the marketplace during the day. Walk up to the chains holding the drawbridge all the way to the top. Then, turn and jump off. As Link falls, 20 rupees may be collected. Walk over the other side and repeat for even more rupees.

Fairy Fountain Locations

    After getting the Goron's Bracelet and the Bomb Bag, search Hyrule Field for suspicious looking boulders for a fairy fountain.

    In the same tomb where a Hylian Shield is found, destroy the wall to find a fairy fountain.

    On the way to Zora's Domain, move along the green shores of Zora'a River. Bomb a boulder at this location to discover a fairy fountain beneath it.

    When leaving the Sacred Forest meadow, a ladder will appear on a hedge. This leads to a clearing that contains a boulder. A fairy fountain is under the boulder.

    In the watery paradise of Zora's Domain, play the Song of Storms to open a hole in a platform. The hole leads to a fountain below.

    In the dry desert after playing the Song of Storms, a hole will open up in the ground that will lead to a fairy fountain.

Fun Songs
Besides using the Ocarina for songs Link is supposed to play in the game, use the following directions to play useless, but fun songs.

    Theme from The Simpsons

    C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up, Analog-stick Down + C-Up, Analog-stick Down + C-Left, C-Down, A, [Z + Analog-stick Down + A] three times, Analog-stick Down + A.

    Theme from Jurassic Park

    C-Up, Z + C-Up, C-Right, Down + C-Right, C-Up, Z + C-Up, C-Up, C-Right, Analog-stick Down + C-Right, C-Up, [Z + C-Up] two times, C-Up, C-Right, A, Analog-stick Down + C-Up.

    Theme from Titanic

    [C-Down, Z + C-Down] four times, [C-Down, Z + C-Down] two times, C-Down, Up + C-Down, C-Right, Up + C-Down, C-Down four times, Z + C-Down, C-Down two times, Analog-stick Down + A.

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    [Analog-stick Down + A] two times, [Analog-stick Down + C-Right] two times, [C-Right, Analog-stick Down + C-Right] two times, C-Down two times, [Z + C-Down] two times, A two times, Down + A, [Down + C-Right] two times, C-Right two times, Down + C-Right, C-Down two times, [Z + C-Down] two times, A two times, Analog-stick Down + A.

Great Fairy Locations
    Great fairy of power

    This Great fairy gives Link the "spin slash" attack. She is located at Death Mountain, outside the crater to the left of the entrance, behind a bomb-able wall.

    Great fairy of wisdom

    This Great fairy doubles Link's magic meter. She is located inside the Death Mountain crater. Face the entrance to Goron City (inside the crater). A bridge will be to the right. Use the megaton hammer (obtained after passing the Fire Temple) to destroy the rocks blocking the entrance. Bombs will have no effect.

    Great fairy of courage

    This Great fairy doubles adult Link's defensive powers. She is located near Ganon's castle. Obtain the Golden Gauntlets inside Ganon's castle. Use them to lift the column that is blocking the entrance, which is to the right, when facing Ganon's tower.

    Great fairy of magic

    This Great fairy is located at the same spot as the Great fairy of courage when Link is a child. Use a bomb to open the entrance. She will give Link a new spell, "Din's Fire".

    Great fairy of magic

    This Great fairy is located behind Zora's fountain, when Link is a child. Move all the way behind the fountain to find a piece of land. Then, destroy the wall behind it. She will give Link a new spell, "Ferore's Wind".

    Great fairy of magic

    This great fairy is located between the two palm trees at the desert colossus. Use a bomb at the crack on the wall. She will give Link the "Nayru's Love" spell.

Hidden Pictures
Go to where Zelda is met for the first time. Then, look into the window on his left, as you enter. Pictures of Yoshi, Princess Toadstool, Mario, Bowser and Luigi can now be seen. Look from different angles to see them all. Throw something into the window with Mario to receive 20 rupees. Throwing something into the other window will result in a lit bomb being thrown back at Link.
Hints, Tips, And Tricks
    Finding Saria

    To find Saria, go to the Lost Woods and move in the following directions: Right, Left, Right, Left, Center, Left, Right.

    Finding the Giant's Knife

    Go to Goron City as young Link. On one of the floors is a wall that appears questionable. Blow it up, then keep destroying the other walls behind it. Talk to the big may to learn that he is working on a weapon. Return as older Link to receive the Giant's Knife.

    Finding Nayru's Love

    Nayru's Love is a protective barrier that helps Link withstand damage. It can be found by blowing up the crack between the two palm trees in Desert Colossus.

    Finding a bag that holds 40 seeds

    Go to the Lost Woods. After entering, turn right and continue forward to a ledge with a fence and ladder to the left. A metal circular object will be suspended from a tree at this location. Shoot it three times exactly in the center with the slingshot and to receive the bag. A "100" will flash when your shot hits the center. You must score "100" three times in a row.

    Finding Gold Skulltulas

    Hunt only at night because that is the time that the Gold Skulltulas appear. Some appear while Link is a child and some appear while he is an adult. A few appear during both these times. The Skulltulas like dirt patches, where the magic beans may be planted. Use a bottle of bugs to surface the spiders. Nine of the ten spots contain a Skulltula. Some like to hide in trees, so check them with a roll attack. It is wise to check most trees because most all of them have a good prize such as bombs or rupees if not a gold Skulltula. The Skulltulas can be in slingshot range many times, but require a boomerang to retrieve the token. They also love to hide in crates, so use the roll attack to break them.

    Getting Gold Skulltulas

    Capture a bug in a bottle and drop them on some soft soil, where Link would put some Magic Beans. Then, a Gold Skulltula will appear. Kill it and get your new found token. This works on all of them except the soft soil spot right next to the man that sells the Magic Beans.

    Getting the Biggest Quiver

    Enter the archery game as an adult after getting the Gerudo Membership Card. It costs 20 rupees to play, but is worth it. Play the first time and get 1,000 points and to receive a Heart Container. Play the game a second time and get 1,500 points and to receive the Biggest Quiver, which holds up to fifty arrows. When starting the archery game, aim for the bullseye and fire to get 100 points each time. Also shoot at the target at the end. When you come around the end target, aim for the clay jars. Shoot them to collect 100 points per jar. Keep getting 100's on the targets and successfully shoot all the clay jars to get the required 1,500 points for the Biggest Quiver.

    Unlimited money

    Go to the Lost Woods and find the Skull Kid who is alone as adult Link. Then, lock onto and kill him, and he will give you 200 rupees. Enter a door, return, and repeat the process to collect an unlimited amount of money.

    Money from trees

    Run at a tree as young Link and press A to roll and slam into it. Then, a skulltula or some rupees will usually fall out.

    Breaking open boxes

    To break open a regular brown wooden box, just run at it and press A. Link will roll and smash open the box. This is useful when finding all the chickens and to get a Skulltula in the Marketplace room with the pots.

    Easiest and ultimate ruby collection

    Go to the drawbridge in front of the marketplace during the day and run up to the top of one of the chains. Wait for night to arrive (or play the Sun's Song). Carefully run across the bridge to collect three red rubies worth an easy 60 rupees. Play the Sun's Song again to lower the drawbridge. Go into the market and come back out again to repeat the trick.

    Rupees with Bunny Mask

    After completing the Forest Temple, return to the Temple of Time. Drop the Master Sword back into the stone to change back to Young Link. Go to the mask shop and make sure Link can borrow the Bunny Mask. Link should also have the Giant's Wallet (that holds 500 rupees) for this trick to be most effective. Thirty Gold Skulltulas should also have been collected, and Link should have talked to one of the kids in the house in Kakariko Village that has the curse on them to get the wallet. Buy as much as possible with the current amount of rupees. Go to Hyrule Field and run to the right, towards Lon Lon Ranch. Run until a man running around like an idiot comes into view. Follow him until he sits down and gets tired. Wear on the Bunny Mask and talk to him. He will ask for the mask and fill Link's wallet with rupees.

    Purple rupees

    Kill any enemy with the light arrows to receive a purple rupee.

    Illegal Fishing Lure (Sinking Lure)

    Use the following steps to get a better fishing lure that can catch more fish. As an adult, walk to the log that is sticking out in the pond. Walk around on it awhile to find a sinking lure, that can catch fish almost every time.
    Note: The lure may only be used once, and if used to catch a record weight fish, the counterman will not give Link a prize. The sign on the tank will also be marked with "With illegal fishing lure."

    Get Fire and Ice arrows

    After completing the water temple, go to Lake Hylia. Play the Sun Song at plaque near the warp point (serenade of water) to make the sun rise. As soon as this happens, shoot the sun with an arrow and fire arrows will appear. To get ice arrows, complete the Geurdo training center.

    Free Lon Lon Milk

    Approach any cow with an empty bottle and play Epona's Song. The song will remind the cow of the pasture, and will give Link free milk.

    Ocarina flats and sharps

    Hold R and press one of the Ocarina playing buttons to make a sharp note, or Z to make a flat.

    Fix a broken sign

    After slashing a sign and breaking it, play Zelda's Lulluby while standing in front of the pieces.

    Chicken attack

    As in previous games in the series, if Link approaches a chicken and hurts it in some way, it will call for others to attack. The attack can be stopped by entering a door or leaving the area.

    Kill the Rolling Goron

    To kill the giant rolling Goron in Goron City, bomb him around ten times. After the ninth bombing, he will grunt and the other Goron's will run out to kill you.

    Gossip Stone blast off

    Drop a bomb near a Gossip Stone to have it blast off into space.

    Stretch a Gossip Stone

    Hit a Gossip Stone with the hammer.

    Before opening the Door Of Time

    After collecting the 3 Spiritual Stones, Navi will urge Link to go to the castle. Before doing so, try to collect all the hearts and the Gold Skulltula tokens and get the master sword. Gandorf will take the Triforce and turn Link into a adult making half the heart pieces and Gold Skulltulas inaccessible.

    Free Fairies

    Play Zelda's Lullaby in front of a Gossip Stone and they will give you a free Fairy. Play the Song of Storms in front of a Gossip Stone and it will give you a Big Fairy. Get a butterfly to land on a Deku stick and it will turn into a Fairy. Slowly walk towards the butterfly with a Deku Stick out; this requires patience. Play the Song of Storms near a soft patch of soil with a Magic Bean planted. It will grow and produce three regular Fairies.

    Malon's obstacle course

    Return to Lon Lon Ranch after getting Talon to go back home (by waking him up with the Cucco the girl in Kakariko Village gives Link). Complete Malon's obstacle course as an adult (talk to her while on Epona) in under fifty seconds. If successful, she'll give Link a cow. It will be at his house in Kokiri Forest. Use it to get Lon Lon Milk by playing Epona's Song in front of the cow.

    Easy way past the Geurdo

    To knock out a Geurdo thief, simply shoot her with an arrow. To freeze her, use the hookshot or longshot.

    Ending bonus

    Successfully complete the game and wait at the "The End" screen. Eventually, the Scarecrow's Song will begin playing with different instruments.

    Frozen Zora's Domain

    Zora's Domain will be frozen when playing as an adult. There is no way to thaw it.

    Getting Biggoron's Sword

    Use the following long trading sequence as an adult to get Biggoron's Sword. Go to the lady that gave young Link the empty bottle, when her Cuccos were rescued. She will give Link a Pocket Cucco egg. Wait for the egg to hatch, then bring it to Talon in Kakariko Village. Bring the Cucco back to the lady, to receive Cojiro, the Blue Cucco. Go to the Lost Woods, then turn right at the entrance. Give Cojiro to the man to receive an Odd Mushroom, which will spoil if too much time is wasted. Rush to the Potion shop in Kakariko Village, then go left into the room. Run into the shop to the right, then give the Mushroom to the lady at that location. She will give Link an Odd Potion. Hurry back to the Lost Woods. The man will be gone, but a Kokiri will be here. Give the Potion to her to receive the Poacher's Saw. Ride the horse to Gerudo Valley. There is a broken bridge here, so whip Epona to jump it. Give the saw to the carpenter that is outside to receive Biggoron's Broken Sword. Go to the top of Death Mountain, then walk to the right. Biggoron will appear, rubbing his eyes. He has an eye infection and will give link a Prescription. Bring the Prescription to King Zora after he has been unfrozen to receive the Eyeball frog, an ingredient for the Eyedrops. Hurry to the Lakeside Laboratory at Lake Hylia and give the Eyeball Frog to the Old Man. He will give Link the Eyedrops. Hurry back up to the Death Mountain Summit and ive the Eyedrops to Biggoron. After using them, he will give Link a Claim Check. Wait three days (play the Sun's Song six times to quickly pass the time), give him back the Claim Check to receive Biggoron's Sword. This weapon is twice as powerful as the Master Sword, and will not break like the Giant's Knife.
    Note: If Link is late during any of the time-sensitive parts of the trade, the game will restart back at the person you need to give the item to, and will cost you ten rupees, but will allow another try. Ocarina songs may not be used to teleport to a location during the trade.

Skulltula Prizes
Visit the Skulltula house in Kakario village after collecting every ten Gold Skulltulas to receive the corresponding prize:

Number of Skulltula TokensPrize for that amount
10 SkulltulasAdult's Wallet (holds 200 rupees)
20 SkulltulasStone of Agony (find hidden holes)
30 SkulltulasGiant's Wallet (holds 500 rupees)
40 SkulltulasBombchu
50 SkulltulasPiece of Heart
100 SkulltulasHuge rupee

Trading All The Masks
    Fox Mask

    Royal Guard at the edge of Kakariko Village on the way up to Death Mountain.

    Skull Mask

    In the Lost Forest. Enter the forest and move to the left. Hop on the tree stump while wearing the mask and play Saria's Song. The Skull Kid will then ask Link for the mask.

    Spooky Mask

    Sell it to the boy in the Graveyard in Kakariko Village.

    Bunny Mask

    Sell it to the man running around in the Hyrule Field by Lon Lon Ranch.

    Mask of Truth

    With this mask Link can talk to the "Gossip Stones" that have the eye on them. They will reveal helpful hints throughout the game.

Gameshark The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Hacks
Keycode Required
Infinite Health8111A600 0140
Infinite MagicD011A609 0008
8011A60A 0001
8011A60C 0001
8011A603 0060
Infinite Small Keys8011A699 0009
Max Heart8111A5FE 0140
Max Skulltulas Killed8111A6A0 03E7
All Equipment8111A66C 7777
All Quest/Status Items8111A674 30FF
8111A676 FFFF
Have Big Key, Compass, & Map8011A678 0007
Have Ocarina of Time8011A64B 0008
Have Fairy Ocarina8011A64B 0007
Have Hookshot8011A64D 000A
Have Longshot8011A64D 000B
Have Boomerang8011A650 000E
Have Lens of Truth8011A651 000F
Have Megaton Hammer8011A653 0011
Have Quiver (Holds 30)8011A671 0001
Have Fire Arrow (MP2)8011A648 0004
Have Ice Arrow (MP2)8011A64E 000C
Have Light Arrow (MP4)8011A654 0012
Have Din's Fire (MP6)8011A649 0005
Have Fairie's Wind (MP6)8011A64F 000D
Have Nayru's Love (MP12)8011A655 0013
Have Deku Stick8011A644 0000
Infinite Deku Sticks8011A65C 0009
Have Deku Nut8011A645 0001
Infinite Deku Nuts8011A65D 0009
Have Bombs8011A646 0002
Infinite Bombs8011A65E 0009
Have Fairy Bow8011A647 0003
Infinite Arrows8011A65F 0009
Have Fairy Slingshot8011A64A 0006
Infinite Slingshot Ammo8011A662 0009
Have Bombchu8011A64C 0009
Infinite Bombchu's8011A664 0009
Have Magic Beans8011A652 0010
Infinite Magic Beans8011A66A 0009
Moon JumpD01C84B5 0020
811DAA90 40CB
Press C-Left to Use Hammer8011A639 0011
Hover Boots Last While Holding L + RD01C84B5 0030
811DB2B2 000D
Turn Giant's Knife Into Biggoron's Sword8011A60E 0001
Have Bottle 1 Modifier8011A656 00??
Have Bottle 2 Modifier8011A657 00??
Have Bottle 3 Modifier8011A658 00??
Have Bottle 4 Modifier8011A659 00??
Item Modifier 18011A65A 00??
Item Modifier 28011A65B 00??
Equipment Modifier 18011A672 00??
Equipment Modifier 28011A673 00??
Equipped Stuff Modifier8011A640 00??
Time of Day Modifier8111A5DC ????
Quantity Digits to Accompany Bottle Modifier Codes
14 - Empty Bottle
15 - Red Potion
16 - Green Potion
17 - Blue Potion
18 - Bottled Fairy
19 - Fish
1A - Lon Lon Milk
1B - Letter
1C - Blue Fire
1D - Bug
1E - Big Poe
1F - Lon Lon Milk (Half)
20 - Poe
Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier 1 Code
2D - Pocket Egg
2E - Pocket Cucco
2F - Cojiro
30 - Odd Mushroom
31 - Odd Potion
32 - Poacher's Saw
33 - Goron's Sword (Broken)
34 - Prescription
35 - Eyeball Frog
36 - Eye Drops
37 - Claim Check
Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier 2 Code
21 - Weird Egg
22 - Chicken
23 - Zelda's Letter
24 - Keaton Mask
25 - Skull Mask
26 - Spooky Mask
27 - Bunny Hood
28 - Goron Mask
29 - Zora Mask
2A - Gerudo Mask
2B - Mask of Truth
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipment Modifier1 Code
02 - Silver Scale
04 - Golden Scale
06 - Giant's Knife (Broken)
40 - Bullet Bag (Holds 30)
80 - Bullet Bag (Holds 40)
C0 - Bullet Bag (Holds 50)
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipment Modifier 2 Code
08 - Bomb Bag (Holds 20)
10 - Bomb Bag (Holds 30)
18 - Bomb Bag (Holds 40)
20 - Goron's Bracelet
28 - Silver Gauntlets
30 - Silver Scale
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped Stuff Modifier Code
11 - Kokiri Tunic & Kokiri Boots
12 - Goron Tunic & Kokiri Boots
13 - Zora Tunic & Kokiri Boots
21 - Kokiri Tunic & Iron Boots
22 - Goron Tunic & Iron Boots
23 - Zora Tunic & Iron Boots
31 - Kokiri Tunic & Hover Boots
32 - Goron Tunic & Hover Boots
33 - Zora Tunic & Hover Boots
Quantity Digits to Accompany Time of Day Modifier
4000 - At Sunrise
5800 - Daylight Out
7000 - Very Bright Out
C000 - At Sunset
D000 - Fairly Dark

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