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Nintendo 64

Advance Time Twelve Hours
Play the following notes on the Ocarina: C-Right(2), A(2), C-Down(2) to travel to the next time it will be 6:00. For example, if it is currently 6:00 P.M. on the first day and you play the song, you will go to 6:00 A.M. on the second day (twelve hours forward). However, if you play the song at 4:00 A.M. on the first day, you will go to 6:00 A.M. on the first day (2 hours forward).
Change Masks Faster
Simply press the C button your mask is on a lot. Instead of the sequence where Link puts on the mask he will have the mask on faster.
Farther Distance With Deku Link
Use the following trick while on a lillypad or a place where you need to hop to another place when using Deku Link. Before you start hopping on the water, do the spinning attack so you can go at a faster speed. The extra speed will allow you to reach a bit farther then before.

Heal Signs
Destroy a sign, then play the following notes on the Ocarina (The Song Of Healing): C-Left, C-Right, C-Down.
Infinite Rupees

Note: The following trick requires a Bomb Bag, Bomb, code for observatory (you can use the front door but the back door is better), the Ocarina Of Time, and the Song Of Time. As an adult buy the Bomb Bag at the Bomb shop (50 coins?), then buy a Bomb or get them free by cutting weeds. Go to the kid that is blocking the observatory and give him the code (you need the code to become an adult). When you get to the water, go left instead of right to find a wall that can be bombed. Bomb it and go inside to find a chest with 100 silver rupees. Go to the bank (the man on the wall opposite the shops in the west part of Clock Town). Deposit the coins and play the Ocarina Of Time. The bank teller has marked you to remember what he owes you, so your cash stays intact in the bank. However, the contents of the chest will reset. This works for all coin chests in the game, so you can use this trick at any time.

On any day, go to the northeast corner of Clock Town. Turn and walk south to the edge of the ledge (be careful not to fall off). Turn around and give yourself some speed. Run toward the edge and press A before reaching the edge and Link will roll. You will land on the next ledge. From there, jump across on the decorations of the building going south until you are above the shooting gallery. Turn right and follow the roof until you get to the treasure chest. The chest contains 100 silver rupees. Remember to go to the banker and deposit your money to save it. Play your Ocarina to start at day one and repeat.

Enter Termina Field from South Clock Town and head towards the Milk Road. There will be a bird that attacks you and steals your items. Use the Deku Mask, target the bird, and shoot bubbles at him in the air. When he attacks, spin attack it. The bird will die after a few hits, and you will get 200 rupees. This can be repeated as needed.

Laboratory Code
The code for the laboratory to get the Moon Tears changes from game to game. It is determined by the order you find the five bomber kids. Each of them have a number on their back. The code is their numbers in the order that you found them. To find out what the code is, you must first pop the balloon with a bubble, arrow, or Zora Link's boomerang (preferably the bubble). Then, talk to the small kid who was trying to pop it. Tell him you want to try his test, and if you can locate and catch all five kids before the next morning you will receive the code. To catch a kid, run up to him. When he starts to run away, stand still. After running a short distance, he will stop running. When he stops, shoot him with a Deku Bubble Attack. The kid should be caught.
Note: The kid carrying the Cucco must be shot once before he starts running, then again after he stops.
Path Through The Woods
The path through the woods differs each day. For example, on the first day it is left, right, right, straight, left, left. On the second day, it is right, left, straight, left, left, right.
Slower Time With Normal Movement Rate
Play the following notes on the Ocarina (The Song Of Time backwards): C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right. Play the song again to return to normal.

Gameshark The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Hacks
Zelda Keycode Required
Enable Code (Must Be On)F1096820 2400
FF000220 0000
Enable Code (Alternate)F1096820 2400
FF000240 0000
Infinite Health811EF6A6 0140
Max Health811EF6A4 0140
Infinite Magic801EF6A9 0030
Infinite Rupees811EF6AA 03E7
Infinite Arrows801EF711 0009
Infinite Bombs801EF716 0009
Infinite Bombachus801EF717 0009
Infinite Deku Sticks801EF718 0009
Infinite Deku Nuts801EF719 0009
Infinite Magic Beans801EF71A 0009
Infinite Powder Keg801EF71C 0009
Have Ocarina Of Time801EF6E0 0000
Have Hero's Bow801EF6E1 0001
Have Fire Arrow (MP2)801EF6E2 0002
Have Ice Arrow (MP2)801EF6E3 0003
Have Light Arrow (MP4)801EF6E4 0004
Have Bomb801EF6E6 0006
Have Bombchu801EF6E7 0007
Have Deku Stick801EF6E8 0008
Have Deku Nut801EF6E9 0009
Have Magic Beans801EF6EA 000A
Have Powder Keg801EF6EC 000C
Have Pictograph Box801EF6ED 000D
Have Lens Of Truth801EF6EE 000E
Have Hookshot801EF6EF 000F
Have Postman's Mask801EF6F8 003E
Have All-Night Mask801EF6F9 0038
Have Blast Mask801EF6FA 0047
Have Stone Mask801EF6FB 0045
Have Great Fairy's Mask801EF6FC 0040
Have Deku Mask801EF6FD 0032
Have Keaton Mask801EF6FE 003A
Have Breman Mask801EF6FF 0046
Have Bunny Hood801EF700 0039
Have Don Gero's Mask801EF701 0042
Have Mask of Scents801EF702 0048
Have Goron Mask801EF703 0033
Have Romani's Mask801EF704 003C
Have Circus Leader's Mask801EF705 003D
Have Kafei's Mask801EF706 0037
Have Couple Mask801EF707 003F
Have Mask of Truth801EF708 0036
Have Zora Mask801EF709 0034
Have Kamaro's Mask801EF70A 0043
Have Gibdo Mask801EF70B 0041
Have Garo's Mask801EF70C 003B
Have Captain's Hat801EF70D 0044
Have Giant's Mask801EF70E 0049
Have Fierce Deity's Mask801EF70F 0035
Max Visibility80166118 0020
Walk Through Walls 1
Walk Through Walls 2
No Collisions8017F5B4 0020
Blue Fog80166108 0020
Pink Fog8016610C 0020
Yellow Fog80166110 0020
Fight Demo Majora's Mask8016A718 0020
Have Item Modifier 1801EF6F0 00??
Have Event Item Modifier 1801EF6E5 00??
Have Event Item Modifier 2801EF6EB 00??
Have Event Item Modifier 3801EF6F1 00??
Have Bottle Modifier 1801EF6F2 00??
Have Bottle Modifier 2801EF6F3 00??
Have Bottle Modifier 3801EF6F4 00??
Have Bottle Modifier 4801EF6F5 00??
Have Bottle Modifier 5801EF6F6 00??
Have Bottle Modifier 6801EF6F7 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Item/Bottle Modifier Codes
12 - Empty Bottle
13 - Red Potion
14 - Green Potion
15 - Blue Potion
16 - Fairy
17 - Deku Princess
18 - Milk
19 - Milk (1/2)
1A - Fish
1B - Bug
1C - Blue Fire
1D - Poe
1E - Big Poe
1F - Spring Water
20 - Hot Spring Water
21 - Zora Egg
22 - Gold Dust
23 - Magical Mushroom
24 - Sea Horse
25 - Chateau Romani
26 - Japanese Bottle?
27 - Empty Japanese Bottle?
Event Items
28 - Moon's Tear
29 - Land Title Deed
2A - Swap Title Deed
2B - Mountain Title Deed
2C - Ocean Title Deed
2D - Room Key
2E - Special Delivery To Mama
2F - Letter To Kafei
30 - Pendant Of Memories
Misc. Items
05 - Japanese Flute?
0B - Japanese Item?
10 - Great Fairy's Sword
11 - Japanese Hookshot?
31 - Japanese Scroll?
4A - Japanese Bow?

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