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All Pokémon Locations
1BulbasaurRiver, Cave
25PikachuBeach, Tunnel, River, Cave
41ZubatTunnel, Cave
129MagikarpBeach, Tunnel, Volcano, River, Cave, Valley
151Mew MyuuRainbow Cloud
Throw Pester Balls in the pits across from Charmeleon in the Volcano level. It appears less frequently then Growlithe. Get a photograph while it is shaking embers off its body for more points.
Go to the Cave level and follow it almost to the end. Then when you see the Jynxs play the Poké Flute. The Jynxs will perform a ritual dance, and the ice egg will float in the air and hatch into Articuno.
In addition to the two Bulbasaurs in the craters in the River level, there is another hidden in a nearby log. Throw an apple near the log's opening and it will appear.
Throw a Pester Ball at the ball that Eevee is chasing in the Beach level and Chansey will appear.
Go to the Volcano level and follow it almost to the end. Then, throw an apple at the Charmeleon that is near the lava pool. It will evolve into a Charizard after being knocked into the lava.
Get stuck behind Moltres' egg in the Volcano level and look left to see two Charmanders. Then, throw an apple at both of them and they will roar to call more Charmanders to join them. You can get almost ten Charmanders in the same photograph for extra points.
Throw an apple between the Charmander and the Magmar in the Volcano level. Then the Magmar will run up and blow fire at the Charmander, causing it to evolve into Charmeleon.
Take photographs and throw Pester Balls at the Shellders in the River level. If done correctly, a Cloyster will appear later in the level.
Diglett appears on the left side of the Tunnel level, next to a Pikachu.
The three Bulbasaurs at the beginning of the Cave level are really Dittos. Throw some Pester Balls at them to change them back into their true form.
Throw Pester Balls into the whirlpool in the Valley level.
Throw Pester Balls to the left of the whirlpool in the Valley level.
Keep taking pictures of Diglett in the Tunnel level. Then, Pikachu will move to the next place that it will appear. Eventually, Dugtrio will appear instead of Diglett.
Look to the right in the middle of the Tunnel level to see Electabuzzs standing in front of large screens. Throw apples at one of them and it will approach and use a Thundershock attack. Take a photograph while it is emitting energy for extra points.
Throw a Pester Ball at the non-moving Electrode in the Tunnel level. It will self-destruct for a better photograph.
Finding The Six Pokémon Signs
After completing the Valley level by hitting the Mankey on the switch, Professor Oak will tell you to take photographs. Here are their locations:


    On the Beach level, after passing Pikachu, turn around and take a photograph of the rock with seaweed that resembles a crab.


    In the Tunnel, wait until Zapdos has hatched and turns on the power. Then when you pass the Electabuzzes and Pikachu, look to your right to see Pinsir's shadow on the wall.


    In the Volcano level, throw a Pester Ball into the small volcano to the left of the first Rapidash that appears. Then, smoke in the shape of Koffing will appear.


    In the River level, play the Poké Flute in front of the sleeping Vileplume. Then the smoke will disappear and a tree in the shape of Cubone will appear.


    In the Cave level, after hitting the two Koffings chasing Jigglypuff with apples, turn around to the left while near Weepinbell to see some bright crystals/stars. Then, take a photograph and it will turn out to be Mewtwo.


    In the start of the Valley level, take a photograph of the mountain behind the Mankey.

Throw a Pester Ball in the Valley level to knock down the Geodudes for a better photograph.
Throw a Pester Ball in front of the first Mankey, between Magikarp and Dratini in the Valley level. Then a Goldeen will jump out of the water.
Play the Poké Flute at the location in the Valley level that has three Gravelers. They will wake up and dance for a photograph that is worth more points.
To get a great photograph of a Grimmer in the Cave level, take pictures of the first two Grimmers to make the third Grimmer appear closer, and the fourth Grimmer appear even closer.
Throw Pester Balls in the pits across from Charmeleon in the Volcano level. Get a photograph while it is shaking embers off its body for more points.

Throw a Pester Ball into all three volcanoes in the Volcano level. Then, throw apples close to the path. All three Growlithes will run to the apples. Take as many photos as possible of all three Growlithes for more points.

Go to the Valley level and hit the Magikarp that is in the water in front of the first Mankey. Then, Mankey will hit it over the mountain and onto land. Later, when you are in front of the three Gravelers, hit the Magikarp with a Pester Ball. Magikarp will go over to the waterfall and evolve into Gyarados.
Take a photograph of the purplish mist in the first part of the Tunnel level. Then a Haunter will appear when the photograph is developed.
Save the three Jigglypuffs in the Cave level. Then, all three will re-appear at the end of the level singing the famous Jigglypuff song, allowing a photograph worth extra points.
Play the Poké Flute near the shore of the Beach level for a good shot of Lapras.

Face towards the left of the shore line at the Beach level and watch it closely. Take a photograph of the Lapras whenever they appear, no matter what the quality. When approaching the Kangaskan, look towards the water and a Lapras will emerge from the water. This is the best place to photograph the Lapras in the level.

Get a photograph of the two Magar blowing fire in the Volcano level for more points. Get a photograph of fighting Magmar for 800 extra points.
Throw an apple right in front of the Magnemite in the Tunnel level. It will then stop its sonic wave and become photographable.
Throw apples at each of the three Magnemites in the Tunnel level to lure them together and evolve into Magneton.
Mankeys are found out in the open in the Valley level.
Play the Poké Flute in front of Meowth in the Beach level to make it dance for a better photograph.

At the end of the Beach level there are two Pidgey flying after Meowth. Watch them as they go off to the right side, as they will execute a gust attack to knock Meowth down. Hit the Pidgey with apples and they will fly away, leaving Meowth to dance for a photograph worth more points.

Throw Pester Balls at the Metapods in the Cave level and they will drop down for a close-up.
Use the following technique to get an easier photograph of Mew. Once in the Rainbow level, pop Mew's energy shield by throwing Pester Balls at it. Then, use the Dash Engine to keep up with Mew for a minute, then snap away when he turns around to look at you. This must be done quickly before he returns inside the energy shield.

Another technique is to hit Mew with a Pester Ball while it is chasing the energy shield. It will start spinning in place for a few seconds before disappearing. To keep it from disappearing, keep throwing Pester Balls at it. Do this through the whole level to keep Mew in front of you the entire time.

After the second time Mew flies at you in its energy shield, turn your camera to the left and up slightly. When Mew flies by it immediately does flips. Take a close-up of it in the classic curl position while its whole body is towards you, with the light behind it. This results in a photograph worth over 8000 points.

Go to the Volcano level and follow the path until reaching an egg in the middle of the road. Then, throw an apple at the egg to make it fall into the lava and Moltres will appear.
Note: Wait for it to face you for additional points.
Shoot Pester Ball at the Grimmer in the Cave level to evolve it into a Muk.
Play the Poké Flute in front of Pikachu in the Beach level to have it use a Thundershock attack for a better photograph.

Throw a Pester Ball at the Zubat that is carrying Pikachu in the Cave level. Pikachu will come down attached to balloons. Next, it will run over to where Articuno is found. Release Articuno with the Poké Flute. Then when approaching the end of the level, look behind to see Pikachu riding on Articuno.

Throw apples towards the Surf Board in the Beach level immediately after seeing Pikachu to have it pose on the board, including backflips.

After flushing Scyther out in the Beach level, two Pikachu will dash out and jump up on stumps. Play the Poké Flute and they will start zapping. The photo of Pikachu on a stump with a Thundershock is worth a lot of extra points.

Take a photograph of the first Pikachu that appears at the beginning of the Tunnel level. He will run backwards. Take another picture of the Pikachu and he will jump on Electrode. Take a photograph of that scene for extra points.

Get a photograph of Pikachu on a ball for 500 extra points. Get a photograph of surfing Pikachu for 900 extra points. Get a photograph of Pikachu on a stump for 2500 extra points.

Go past Vileplume's location in River level. Pass the Metapods, then look right when you see Psyduck near a lot of logs. Hit the wood-appearing objects that are flying around with a Pester Ball and Porygon will appear. Hit it with another Pester Ball and it will change into its original colors.
After the first Rapidash runs by on the Volcano level, two more will appear on the right. Throw an apple at them and they will start reigning. You can get more points for your photograph while they are on their hind legs, because of their size, and since there are two of them.
Hit a Geodude down with a Pester Ball in the Valley level and Sandshrew will appear from the ground.
Look towards the first Mankey near the beginning of the Valley level. Something that resembles a Kadabra will appear further down the level. It is actually a Sandslash. Take a photograph of it when it goes into the ground for more points.

Get to the area in the Valley level where Sandslash, Graveller and two Geodudes can be found. After they hide, throw Pester Balls at the two Geodudes. After they fall, Graveller will follow. When it hits the ground, Sandslash will pop out. You can get a nice close-up of it as it appears for more points.

A group of four Shellders can be photographed near the Slowpoke area in the River level.
Throw apples at the Slowpokes that appear near the wooden Shellder sign in the River level. Then, lead them to the mud spot next to the sign. The Slowpokes will put their tail into the water evolve into Slowbros after hitting the Shellders.
Throw apples near the wooden Shellder sign in the River level to attract a group of Slowpokes.
Play the Poké Flute in front of Snorlax in the Beach level to wake it up for a better photograph.
The little bumps in the water at the start of the Valley level are Squirtle shells. Throw Pester Balls at them and they will shoot onto land. Then you can take close-up photographs, without them fleeing like the other Squirtles.
Take a photograph of Staryu in the center of the Valley level. Then its gem will turn blue and it will begin to circle you until the whirlpool appears. Staryu will enter the whirlpool and come out as Starmie.
Staryu appears above the water in the Valley level.
Throw Pester Balls in the tall grass in the Beach level.
Unlock The Rainbow Level
Successfully complete the Valley level and take photographs of all six Pokémon signs. Then, Professor Oak will open the Rainbow level with Mew. It is very hard to capture, but is worth a lot of points.
Unlock The Volcano Level
Throw Pester Balls at the last Electrode in the Tunnel level, near the exit gate. It will then self-destruct and open a path to the Volcano level.
Go to the end of the Cave level, until finding a Weapinbell flying around a pool of water. Knock it into the water to evolve it into Victreebel.
View Ending Sequence
Successfully take photographs of all Pokémon in the game and unlock all the levels. Then after saving the game an ending sequence featuring the photographs you captured will begin.
Go to where a lot of green smoke is coming out of a flower top in the River level. Play the Poké Flute and Vileplume will come out and dance. Press C-Down again to see a different dance. This may be done again until all four dances are seen.
This Pokémon can be found in the Cave level.
Go to the Tunnel level. Then just after the first door you will see a Pikachu next to a large egg in the distance. Throw some apples to lure the Pikachu closer to the egg. When Pikachu gets close enough, play the Poké Flute. Pikachu will start a Thundershock attack and zap the egg. The egg will hatch and Zapdos will appear.
Note: You will need Zapdos to shock the generator if you want the Pokémon sign.
Every time a steel door opens in the Tunnel level, a Zubat will appear.

Gameshark Pokemon Snap Hacks
Diddy Kong Racing Keycode Required
Enable Code (Must Be On)DE000400 0000
F103D8A0 2400
Unlock All Levels810C2212 0006
Have Apple803AE51F 0001
Have Apple & Bomb803AE51F 0002
Have Apple, Bomb & Flute803AE51F 0004
Stop Beach LevelD00489E1 0020
802020F5 0001
Stop Tunnel LevelD00489E1 0020
801DDC55 0001
Stop Volcano LevelD00489E1 0020
801FC5C5 0001
Stop River LevelD00489E1 0020
801EF96D 0001
Stop Cave LevelD00489E1 0020
80202225 0001
Stop Valley LevelD00489E1 0020
801D9ABD 0001

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