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Answers To The Bowser Questions
The answers are as follows: "3", "Red", "Red", "24".
Classic Mario Music
Go to the third house in Koopa Village (a Koopa is sunning himself inside). Stand in front of the radio and press A to switch between stations. Listen to the Golden Oldies station to hear classic Mario theme music.
Hidden Playroom
Go south in Toad Town until you get to the area with the Li'l Oink Farm. Go left immediately after you enter this area (there is a narrow passageway that's not fenced off). Hit the tree with your hammer and a pipe will appear on the right. You can now enter the playroom, but need either a Silver and/or Gold card to play the games.
Infinite Hearts
Find the split on Pleasant Path where one direction leads to the Koopa Bros. Fortress and the other leads to Koopa Village. Keep running around the striped pole next to the sign to get hearts.
Infinite Items From Trees
Once you have received a hammer, use it to hit trees. The tree by where you begin gives you an endless supply of acorns that revive your FP by 3. You must go somewhere else to get another acorn, though. You can also get coins, star pieces, and a weird doll as well.
Luigi's Secret Diary
Once you have the Super Boots and/or the Ultra Boots, go into Mario and Luigi's bedroom in Mario's house. You will see a square of boards facing the wrong direction. Do a special jump (press A while in the air) to go into the basement. Look at the book on the table to find Luigi's diary.
Never-ending Hallway Pattern
The pattern to the "Never-ending hallway" is up, down, up, down, down, up.
Original Mario
Go to Boo's Haunted Mansion and enter it. Once you get in the door continue walking straight until you come to a wall. Walk to the right until you see a door. This is the door farthest to the right. Walk into where the door leads you. There should be a large pot and a crate to the left. Jump on the crate and jump into the pot from there. When you jump out, you will be the original NES version of Mario.
Note: You cannot leave the room with this trick on.
Special Spells
Go to the alley right next to Toad's house in Dry Dry Outpost. Jump forward over the left box and the camera will swing around to reveal a hidden area. Talk to Merlee to learn about her special spells. Depending on how much money you spend, she will help you during and after battles. The spells do wear off after a certain amount of time, but until then, it provides you with additional attack power during some battles and more coins after battles.
Ultra-Level Party Members
Once you visit Raphael the Raven, you can "Ultra-Level" your party members. The best one to "Ultra-Level" is Parakarry, because he learns "Air Raid," which uses 6 (or 8) FP, and deals about 6 damage to each enemy (if you get to 100% on the "Press Left repeatedly" meter).

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