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Nintendo 64

Alternate Costumes
Enable four player mode, then go to the "Prediction" house to access new costumes for each character.
Control Ending Screen
Highlight the "Try Again" option at the game over screen, then repeatedly tap A to move the hula hoop faster.
Double Coins
Wait until night to get two coins from an opponent that would normally only have one coin.
Four Player Mode
Insert controllers into all four ports and begin a game using controller one (and/or two). Collect forty-four hands from various levels. Then, press C-Right + Start on controllers three and four.
Infinite Items
Begin a game and go to the upgrade store. Purchase any desired item, then go to the save location and save the game. Reset the game. When the game is resumed, you will have all your money plus the item that was purchased. This may be repeated to get an unlimited number of items.
Infinite Lives
Go to the restaurant, buy sushi, and you will gain one extra life. Go to the Inn, save and reset the game. You will have another hundred coins that you can buy sushi with again. Repeat this to gain as many lives as desired.

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