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Death Messages
After losing a life, do not immediately resume the game. Wait a few seconds and random messages will appear at the top of the screen for several seconds at one minute intervals.
Features Menu
Enter "?TJL BDFW BFGV JVVB" as a password. Then the game will begin on level one. Now pause the game to access a new "Features" menu that allows level selection, invulnerability, map mode, health boost, and weapons/ammunition. You can also access the "warp to fun" levels 25, 26, and 27. Once enabled, the health boost and weapons/ammunition options may not be disabled. The invulnerability option will be disabled on level 32. Once enabled, the features menu will appear when any saved game is paused until the Nintendo 64 is powered off or reset.

Destroy all the barrels on Level 1 to access Level 32. The warp is in a secret room behind the starting location of the level. Save the first barrel to be destroyed last.

Level 32 (Hectic) Demo
Enter "RVNH 3CT1 CD3M 0???" as a password. Now a demo of level 32 will appear as the fourth demonstration sequence.
Level Passwords
LevelBe gentle!Bring it on!I own Doom!Watch me die!
2cdp8 9bj2 68zt svk? cjpr 9bj1 68z? qvk? cnn8 9bj0 680t nvk? csnr 9bjz 680? lvk?
3cxm8 9bjy 681t jvk? c1mr 9bjx 681? gvk? c5l8 9bjw 682t dvk? c9lr 9bjv 682? bvk?
4ddk8 9bjt 683s 9vk? djkr 9bjs 6839 7vk? dnj8 9bjr 684s 5vk? dsjr 9bjq 6849 3vk?
5dxh8 9bjp 685s 1vk? d1hr 9bjn 6859 zvk? d5g8 9bjm 686s xvk? d9gr 9bjl 6869 vvk?
6fdf8 9bjk 687s svk? fjfr 9bjj 6879 qvk? fnd8 9bjh 688s nvk? fsdr 9bjg 6889 lvk?
7fxc8 9bjf 689s jvk? f1cr 9bjd 6899 gvk? f5b8 9bjc 68?s dvk? f9br 9bjb 68?9 bvk?
8gd?8 9bc? 69br ?bk? gj?r 9bc9 69b8 8bk? gn98 9bc8 69cr 6bk? gs9r 9bc7 69c8 4bk?
9gx88 9bc6 69dr 2bk? g18r 9bc5 69d8 0bk? g578 9bc4 69fr ybk? g97r 9bc3 69f8 wbk?
10hd68 9bc2 69gr tbk? hj6r 9bc1 69g8 rbk? hn58 9bc0 69hr pbk? hs5r 9bcz 69h8 mbk?
11hx48 9bcy 69jr kbk? h14r 9bcx 69j8 hbk? h538 9bcw 69kr fbk? h93r 9bcv 69k8 cbk?
12jd28 9bct 69lq ?bk? jj2r 9bcs 69l7 8bk? jn18 9bcr 69mq 6bk? js1r 9bcq 69m7 4bk?
13jx08 9bcp 69nq 2bk? j10r 9bcn 69n7 0bk? j5z8 9bcm 69pq ybk? j9zr 9bcl 69p7 wbk?
14kdy8 9bck 69qq tbk? kjyr 9bcj 69q7 rbk? knx8 9bch 69rq pbk? ksxr 9bcg 69r7 mbk?
15kxw8 9bcf 69sq kbk? k1wr 9bcd 69s7 hbk? k5v8 9bcc 69tq fbk? k9vr 9bcb 69t7 cbk?
16lft8 9bb? 69vp ?vk? lktr 9bb9 69v6 8vk? lps8 9bb8 69wp 6vk? ltsr 9bb7 69w6 4vk?
17lyr8 9bb6 69xp 2vk? l2rr 9bb5 69x6 0vk? l6q8 9bb4 69yp yvk? l?qr 9bb3 69y6 wvk?
18mfp8 9bb2 69zp tvk? mkpr 9bb1 69z6 rvk? mpn8 9bb0 690p pvk? mtnr 9bbz 6906 mvk?
19mym8 9bby 691p kvk? m2mr 9bbx 6916 hvk? m6l8 9bbw 692p fvk? m?lr 9bbv 6926 cvk?
20nfk8 9bbt 693n ?vk? nkkr 9bbs 6935 8vk? npj8 9bbr 694n 6vk? ntjr 9bbq 6945 4vk?
21nyh8 9bbp 695n 2vk? n2hr 9bbn 6955 0vk? n6g8 9bbm 696n yvk? n?gr 9bbl 6965 wvk?
22pff8 9bbk 697n tvk? pkfr 9bbj 6975 rvk? ppd8 9bbh 698n pvk? ptdr 9bbg 6985 mvk?
23pyc8 9bbf 699n kvk? p2cr 9bbd 6995 hvk? p6b8 9bbc 69?n fvk? p?br 9bbb 69?5 cvk?
24qf?8 9bf? 6?bm ?bk? qk?r 9bf9 6?b4 8bk? qp98 9bf8 6?cm 6bk? qt9r 9bf7 6?c4 4bk?
25qy88 9bf6 6?dm 2bk? q28r 9bf5 6?d4 0bk? q678 9bf4 6?fm ybk? q?7r 9bf3 6?f4 wbk?
26rf68 9bf2 6?gm tbk? rk6r 9bf1 6?g4 rbk? rp58 9bf0 6?hm pbk? rt5r 9bfz 6?h4 mbk?
27ry48 9bfy 6?jm kbk? r24r 9bfx 6?j4 hbk? r638 9bfw 6?km fbk? r?3r 9bfv 6?k4 cbk?
28sf28 9bft 6?ll ?bk? sk2r 9bfs 6?l3 8bk? sp18 9bfr 6?ml 6bk? st1r 9bfq 6?m3 4bk?
29sy08 9bfp 6?nl 2bk? s20r 9bfn 6?n3 0bk? s6z8 9bfm 6?pl ybk? s?zr 9bfl 6?p3 wbk?
30tfy8 9bfk 6?ql tbk? tkyr 9bfj 6?q3 rbk? tpx8 9bfh 6?rl pbk? ttxr 9bfg 6?r3 mbk?
31tyw8 9bff 6?sl kbk? t2wr 9bfd 6?s3 hbk? t6v8 9bfc 6?tl fbk? t?vr 9bfb 6?t3 cbk?
32vbt8 9bd? 6?vk 9vk?vgtr 9bd9 6?v2 7vk? vls8 9bd8 6?wk 5vk? vqsr 9bd7 6?w2 3vk?
Secret Levels For Special Keys
Level 4 has a secret entrance to level 29.
Level 12 has a secret entrance to level 30.
Level 18 has a secret entrance to level 31.
Super Status
Enter "W93M 7H20 BCY0 PSVB" as a password. Now the game will begin on the last level with 100 health, 200 armor, all weapons, full ammunitions, the backpack, and levels 29 to 31 completed. The inventory will contain three pentagram items that power-up the laser to be three times as powerful as the BFG9000 and activate the three switches in the last level to close the gates that spawn the monsters.

Gameshark Doom 64 Hacks
Blue Key8006328F 0001
Yellow Key80063293 0001
Red Key80063297 0001
Blue Skull Key8006329B 0001
Yellow Skull Key8006329F 0001
Red Skull Key800632A3 0001
Gun/Chain Gun Ammo800632E3 00FF
Shotgun Ammo800632E7 0064
Missile Ammo800632EF 0064
Plasma/BFG/Laser Weapon Ammo800632EB 0064
Always Have Gun800632C3 0001
Always Have Shotgun800632C7 0001
Always Have Double Shotgun800632CB 0001
Always Have Chain Gun800632CF 0001
Always Have Missile Launcher800632D3 0001
Always Have Chainsaw800632BB 0001
Always Have Rocket Launcher800632D1 0001
Always Have Plasma Rifle800632D7 0001
Always Have Laser Weapon800632DD 0001
Always Have BFG 9000800632DB 0001
Always Have Bio Suite80063283 00FF
Always in Berserk Mode8006327B 00FF
Always in Invincibility Mode80063277 00FF
Rapid Fire8106333A 0B94
Invincible8006330B 0002
Infinite Armor8006326F 00FF
No Weapon Graphics80063343 0000
Turn Map Markers On8006330B 0004
Invincible And Map Markers8006330B 0006

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