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Adjust Battle Screen
At the battle screen, hold L and press C-Up or C-Down to magnify and reduce the screen.
Build Away From Base
To build away from your base, simply create a chain of sandbags to the desired location.
Build NOD Attack Chopper
To build an attack chopper for the Brotherhood of NOD, simply take over their main base and the option for an attack chopper will become available.
Cheaper Mini-gunners
Build a guard tower, then sell it to get five mini-gunners, which are more expensive than a guard tower.
Cheat Mode
At the "Press Start" screen, press B, A, R(2), A, C-Right, Up, Down, A. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Select the "Replay Mission" option at the main menu, then press L to display all missions and R to select your team. During a mission, press L + R to display programming debug information. Press L + R + Up to automatically win or L + R + Down to automatically lose.
Easier Building
Highlight a unit that will be created from the toolbar, then press A. Hold Z and press A after receiving the "Unit Ready" or "Construction Complete" message to build the same unit again without returning to the toolbar.
Faster Ion Cannon And Nuclear Weapon Charge
Build more power plants to get a faster Ion Cannon and Nuclear weapon charge.
Finding Money
Destroy the churches in the villages to find $1000.
Killing Multiple Grenadiers/flamethrowers
When attacked by a group of flamethrowers or grenadiers, just kill a few of them to set off a chain reaction that will kill the rest.
Selling Vehicles
Place a vehicle in the repair bay to sell it.
Taking Out Guard Towers And Advanced Guard Towers
Build Artillery and send them to attack those structures. They shoot from such a long distance that the Towers can not shoot back.
Taking Out Lasers
The fastest and easiest way to take out Lasers is to use three flame tanks, which will barely get damaged.
Tiberium Factories
When you destroy all your opponent's Tiberium Factories, you can shoot one of their structures a few times and they will sell it to you. However, make sure you take out their main base first or they will not be able to rebuild the Tiberium Factories.

Use Opponent's Structures And Men
Use an engineer to get into your opponent's Mobile Construction Unit. This will allow use of your opponent's structures, men, and more.

Gameshark Command And Conquer 64 Hacks
Brotherhood of NOD Codes
Infinite Money800C50AE 00FF
Max Money810C50AE FFFF
810C50B0 0001
Max Power810C50CE FFFF
810C50D0 0001
Instant Build Buildings810C50C6 FFFF
Instant Build Units810C50BE FFFF
Instant Build Vehicles810C50C2 FFFF
Instant Build Aircraft810C50BA FFFF
GDI Codes
Infinite Money800C4F06 00FF
Max Money810C4F06 FFFF
810C4F08 0001
Max Power810C4F26 FFFF
810C4F28 0001
Instant Build Buildings810C4F1E FFFF
Instant Build Units810C4F16 FFFF
Instant Build Vehicles810C4F1A FFFF
Instant Build Aircraft810C4F12 FFFF
GDI Mission 4 Codes
Infinite Health Hum-Vee800ABE99 0096
Infinite Health APC 1
Infinite Health APC 2
GDI Mission 6 Codes
Infinite Health Commando800B56CD 0050
Infinite Health Transportational Helicopter800BFC95 005A
Building Build Options Only
Enable 1st Building Modifier80096248 00??
Enable 2nd Building Modifier80096249 00??
Enable 3rd Building Modifier8009624A 00??
Enable 4th Building Modifier8009624B 00??
Enable 5th Building Modifier8009624C 00??
Enable 6th Building Modifier8009624D 00??
Enable 7th Building Modifier8009624E 00??
Enable 8th Building Modifier8009624F 00??
Enable 9th Building Modifier80096250 00??
Enable 10th Building Modifier80096251 00??
Enable 11th Building Modifier80096252 00??
Enable 12th Building Modifier80096253 00??
Enable 13th Building Modifier80096254 00??
Enable 14th Building Modifier80096255 00??
Enable 15th Building Modifier80096256 00??
Enable 16th Building Modifier80096257 00??
Enable 17th Building Modifier80096258 00??
Enable 18th Building Modifier80096259 00??
Enable 19th Building Modifier8009625A 00??
Enable 20th Building Modifier8009625B 00??
Enable 21st Building Modifier8009625C 00??
Enable 22nd Building Modifier8009625D 00??
Infantry Build Options Only
Enable 23rd Building Modifier8009625F 00??
Enable 24th Building Modifier80096260 00??
Enable 25th Building Modifier80096261 00??
Enable 26th Building Modifier80096262 00??
Enable 27th Building Modifier80096263 00??
Enable 28th Building Modifier80096264 00??
Enable 29th Building Modifier80096265 00??
Enable 30th Building Modifier80096266 00??
Enable 31th Building Modifier80096267 00??
Enable 32nd Building Modifier80096268 00??
Enable 33rd Building Modifier80096269 00??
Enable 34th Building Modifier8009626A 00??
Enable 35th Building Modifier8009626B 00??
Enable 36th Building Modifier8009626C 00??
Enable 37th Building Modifier8009626D 00??
Enable 38th Building Modifier8009626E 00??
Enable 39th Building Modifier8009626F 00??
Enable 40th Building Modifier80096270 00??
Enable 41st Building Modifier80096271 00??
Enable 42nd Building Modifier80096272 00??
Enable 43rd Building Modifier80096273 00??
Enable 44th Building Modifier80096274 00??
Enable 45th Building Modifier80096275 00??
Vehicle Build Options Only
Enable 46th Building Modifier80096276 00??
Enable 47th Building Modifier80096277 00??
Enable 48th Building Modifier80096278 00??
Enable 49th Building Modifier80096279 00??
Enable 50th Building Modifier8009627A 00??
Enable 51st Building Modifier8009627B 00??
Enable 52nd Building Modifier8009627C 00??
Enable 53rd Building Modifier8009627D 00??
Enable 54th Building Modifier8009627E 00??
Enable 55th Building Modifier8009627F 00??
Enable 56th Building Modifier80096280 00??
Enable 57th Building Modifier80096281 00??
Enable 58th Building Modifier80096282 00??
Enable 59th Building Modifier80096283 00??
Enable 60th Building Modifier80096284 00??
Enable 61th Building Modifier80096285 00??
Enable 62nd Building Modifier80096286 00??
Enable 63rd Building Modifier80096287 00??
Enable 64th Building Modifier80096288 00??
Enable 65th Building Modifier80096289 00??
Enable 66th Building Modifier8009628A 00??
Enable 67th Building Modifier8009628B 00??
Aircraft Build Options Only
Enable 68th Building Modifier8009628D 00??
Enable 69th Building Modifier8009628E 00??
Enable 70th Building Modifier8009628F 00??
Enable 71st Building Modifier80096290 00??
Enable 72nd Building Modifier80096291 00??
Enable 73rd Building Modifier80096292 00??
Enable 74th Building Modifier80096293 00??
Enable 75th Building Modifier80096294 00??
Enable 76th Building Modifier80096295 00??
Enable 77th Building Modifier80096296 00??
Enable 78th Building Modifier80096297 00??
Enable 79th Building Modifier80096298 00??
Enable 80th Building Modifier80096299 00??
Enable 81th Building Modifier8009629A 00??
Enable 82th Building Modifier8009629B 00??
Enable 83th Building Modifier8009629C 00??
Enable 84th Building Modifier8009629D 00??
Enable 85th Building Modifier8009629E 00??
Enable 86th Building Modifier8009629F 00??
Enable 87th Building Modifier800962A0 00??
Enable 88th Building Modifier800962A1 00??
Enable 89th Building Modifier800962A2 00??
Enable 90th Building Modifier800962A3 00??
Special Weapons Build Options Only
Enable 91st Building Modifier800962A4 00??
Enable 92nd Building Modifier800962A5 00??
Enable 93rd Building Modifier800962A6 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Build Modifier Codes
Building Digits
00 - Nothing
01 - Blank
02 - Sandbag Wall
03 - Chaing Link Fence
04 - Concrete Wall
05 - Tiberium Silo
06 - Power Plant
07 - Barracks [GDI Only]
08 - Hand of Nod [NOD Only]
09 - Guard Tower [GDI Only]
0A - Hospital [GDI Only]
0B - Bio-Research Lab [NOD Only]
0C - Gun Turret [NOD Only]
0D - Advanced Power Plant
0E - Sam Site [NOD Only]
0F - Communication Center
10 - Advanced Guard Tower [GDI Only]
11 - Repair Bay
12 - Helicopter Pad
13 - Obelisk Guard Tower [NOD Only]
14 - Tiberium Refinery
15 - Weapons Factory [GDI Only]
16 - Air Strip [NOD Only]
17 - Advanced Communciaiton Center [GDI]
18 - Temple of Nod [NOD Only]
Infantry Digits
19 - Mini Gunner
1A - Grenadier [GDI Only]
1B - Flame Thrower [NOD Only]
1C - Bazooka [GDI Only]
1D - Chem Warrior [NOD Only]
1E - Engineer
1F - Commando
Vehicle Digits
20 - Nod Buggy [NOD Only]
21 - Hum-Vee [GDI Only]
22 - Artillery [NOD Only]
23 - Recon Bike [NOD Only]
24 - Light Tank [NOD Only]
25 - APC [GDI Only]
26 - S.S.M. Launcher
27 - Med Tank [NOD Only]
28 - Rocket Launcher
29 - Flame Tank [NOD Only]
2A - Visceroid
2B - Stealth Tank [NOD Only]
2C - Harvester
2D - Mammoth Tank [GDI Only]
2E - Mobile Construction Yard
Aircraft Digits
2F - Orca [GDI Only]
30 - Attack Helicopter [NOD Only]
31 - Transportational Helicopter
Special Weapons Digits
32 - Air Strike
33 - Ion Cannon
34 - Nuclear Strike

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