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Nintendo 64

Infinite Lives
In the Chicago level, open a sewer cover with a gray wrench. Collect the two extra lives, leave the sewer, then return. Collect the lives again and repeat to collect an unlimited number of lives.

Gameshark Blues Brothers 2000 Hacks
Story Mode Codes
Infinite Lives800BD0E3 0009
Infinite Health800BD0F7 0002
Have Grey & Red Keys800BD0BE 0008
Have Green Key800BD0BD 00FF
Have Gold Key800BD0B8 00FF
Have 1st Music Note800BD1F0 0001
Have 2nd Music Note800BD1F1 0001
Have 3rd Music Note800BD1F2 0001
Have 4th Music Note800BD1F3 0001
Have 5th Music Note800BD1F4 0001
Have 6th Music Note800BD1F5 0001
Have 7th Music Note800BD1F6 0001
Have 8th Music Note800BD1F7 0001
Have 9th Music Note800BD1F8 0001
Have 10th Music Note800BD1F9 0001
Have All Music Notes
(GS 3.0 or Higher Needed)
50000502 0000
810BD1F0 0101
Can Still Walk While Game is Paused810AB9B6 0001
Have Coins Modifier800BD0E7 00??
Moon JumpD017DBC5 0020
810DAFD8 44CB

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