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Bonus Courses
Complete all missions and find all six scientists to unlock two bonus courses. The objective of the first bonus mission is to clear a town of all objects in order to allow a space shuttle to make an emergency landing. The objective of the second bonus mission is to clear all buildings off the Moon. A third bonus mission is accessible only after a perfect score is achieved.
Ghost Vehicle
After completing a course, select a different vehicle and play that course again. Now you will be racing against a ghost version of your previous vehicle.
Quick Explosion
Drive your vehicle (the Backlash works well) right next to an obstacle and press Z. Then, the driver will yell and not exit the vehicle because it is too close to the obstacle. Continue to hold Z until the obstacle explodes. Now use this method to destroy buildings that require demolition by TNT or other non-standard methods.
Note: You cannot use this trick on the bonus courses or in the PAL version of the game.
Quick Start
When the last beep is heard as the light is turning green, press Accelerate.

Gameshark Blast Corps Hacks
Infinite Time81315610 0000
81315612 00CB
Infinite Hydraulics Sidesweeper803EDB51 00FF
Infinite Missiles Motor Bike803F8AC3 0063
Infinite Boosts Buggy Vehicle803EE301 0064
Found All RDUS8036E9CC C350
Found All Survivors8036E9C9 00FF
Found All Scientists80364AD0 003F
Higher Speed803EDB51 0064
No Sideswipes803EDB51 0000
Side Swipe Can Go in Water803EDB52 0063
Ballista Can Drive Through Anything803F8A68 0001
Motor Bike Has A Very Small Bounce803F8ABF 0099
Have 29440 Motor Bike Missles at Start803F8AC2 5678
Have Level Finished Codes [Note 1]
Press GS Button When On World Select Screen
Simian Acres88364A58 00??
J-Bomb88364A6B 00??
Sidswipe88364A74 00??
Backlash88364A8F 00??
Carrick Point88364A67 00??
Blackridge Works88364A5B 00??
Argent Towers88364A62 00??
Havoc District88364A68 00??
Ironstone Mine88364A69 00??
Ebony Coast88364A65 00??
Beeton Tracks88364A6A 00??
Tempest City88364A79 00??
Echo Marches88364A75 00??
Skyfall88364A5F 00??
Shuttle Gully88364A5D 00??
Thunderfist88364A8D 00??
Cromlech Court88364A92 00??
Outland Farm88364A5A 00??
Crystal Rift88364A61 00??
Glory Crossing88364A5C 00??
Angel City88364A59 00??
Diamond Sands88364A64 00??
Oyster Harbor88364A66 00??
Obsidian Mile88364A72 00??
Ember Hamlet88364A91 00??
Shuttle Clear88364A8A 00??
Shuttle Island88364A7E 00??
Moon88364A80 00??
Geode Square88364A7D 00??
Corvine Bluff88364A73 00??
Jade Plateau88364A6C 00??
Salvage Wharf88364A5E 00??
Cobalt Quarry88364A81 00??
Dark Heartland88364A8B 00??
Falchion Field88364A77 00??
Marine Quarter88364A6D 00??
Morgan Hall88364A78 00??
Gibbon's Gate88364A6F 00??
Orion Plaza88364A7A 00??
Sleek Streets88364A71 00??
Kipling Plant88364A76 00??
Cooter Creek88364A6E 00??
Twilight Foundry88364A60 00??
Silver Junction88364A88 00??
Skerries88364A63 00??
Bison Ridge88364A90 00??
Moraine Chase88364A82 00??
Mica Park88364A7F 00??
Glander's Ranch88364A7B 00??
Magma Peak88364A8C 00??
Lizard Island88364A93 00??
Baboon Catacomb88364A70 00??
Dagger Pass88364A7C 00??
Saline Watch88364A8E 00??
Shuttle Landing88364AD1 0007
Finding Scientists Path88364AD1 0006
Hard Levels88364AD1 0004
Medium Levels88364AD1 00??
Easy Levels88364AD1 0002
Moon to Mercury Path88364AD2 0009
Have Paths Open Codes [Note 1]
Press GS Button When On World Select Screen
Outland Farm to Geode Square & Corvine Bluff88364A96 0003
Blackridge Works to Jade Plateau & Salvage Wharf88364A97 0003
Shuttle Gully to Cobalt Quarry88364A99 0003
Crystal Rift to Dark Heartland & Falchion Field88364A9D 0003
Argent Towers to Marine Quarter & Orion Plaza88364A9E 0003
Ebony Coast to Morgan Hall88364AA1 0003
Oyster Harbor to Gibbon's Gate88364AA2 0003
Carrick Point to Sleek Streets & Kipling Plant88364AA3 0003
Havoc District to Cooter Creek & Twilight Foundry88364AA4 0003
Beeton Tracks to Silver Junction88364AA6 0003
Cooter Creek to Skerries88364AAA 0003
Corvine Bluff to Bison Ridge88364AAF 0003
Echo Marches to Moraine Chase & Mica Park88364AB1 0003
Tempest City to Glander's Ranch88364AB5 0003
Dagger Pass to Magma Peak88364AB8 0003
Geode Square to Lizard Island88364AB9 0003
Magma Peak to Babboon Catacomb88364AC8 0003
Saline Watch to Dagger Pass88364ACA 0003
Lizard Island to Saline Watch88364ACF 0003
Quantity Digit to Accompany Have Level Finished Codes
00 - Not Finished
01 - Bronze Medal
02 - Silver Medal
03 - Gold Medal
04 - Platinum Medal
05 - Finished No Medal

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