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Nintendo 64

Alternate View
During a match, hold Left and press Start. Hold Down and press Start to return to the default view.
Dirty Fighting
Pause the game during a match, and disable shields. Then, resume the game and hold A while attacking. Your character should be able to do a significant amount of damage without being hit too frequently.
Pause the game, and after a few minutes a screen-saver will appear with the words "Game Paused" and flashing lights.
Taunt Opponent
During a match, press C-Left + C-Right.
View Creation Date
Immediately after powering on the system, press C-Left repeatedly until you hear the sound of laughter. Now a date on the title screen will indicate when your game was completed.

Gameshark Bio Freaks Hacks
Player 1 Codes
Infinite Health811502AA 6400
75% HealthD01502AA 0064
811502AA 4B00
50% HealthD01502AA 0064
811502AA 3200
25% HealthD01502AA 0064
811502AA 1900
No Health8110502AA 0000
1-Hit DeathD01502AA 0064
811502AA 0100
Never Wins8015029B 0000
Needs 1 Match to WinD015029B 0000
8015029B 0001
Infinite Shield811502AE 6400
No Shield811502AE 0000
Infinite Jetpack811502B2 3200
No Jetpack811502B2 0000
Shields Are Always Active801502BA 0022
Smoke Trail801502B4 0001
Press L For No Clipping Mode (Glitchy)D0155400 0008
801502D2 0010
Player 2 Codes
Infinite Health81152926 6400
75% HealthD0152926 0064
81152926 4B00
50% HealthD0152926 0064
81152926 3200
25% HealthD0152926 0064
81152926 1900
No Health811052926 0000
1-Hit DeathD0152926 0064
81152926 0100
Never Wins80152917 0000
Needs 1 Match to WinD0152917 0000
80152917 0001
Infinite Shield8115292A 6400
No Shield811592A 0000
Infinite Jetpack8115292E 3200
No Jetpack8115292E 0000
Shields Are Always Active80152936 0022
Smoke Trail80152930 0001
Press L For No Clipping Mode (Glitchy)D0155400 0004
8015294E 0010

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