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Awakening Wood Level
Get the Sphere Map in the Emergence Cave level to unlock the Awakening Wood level.
Challenge Mode
Defeat Beady Long Legs at the bottom of the Spider Citadle and collect the key. Take the key the "recon drone" to unlock challenge mode.
Cinemas And Credits Option
Collect 10,000 Pocos to unlock the "Cinemas and Credits" option.
Control Title Screen
At the title screen, press X to make a beetle appear. Press C-stick Left or C-stick Right to move it around. When it is close to the Pikmin in the logo, they will also begin moving. Press L to make the beetle disappear.

At the title screen, press Y to make a Chappie appear. Press C-stick Left or C-stick Right to move it around. When it is close to the Pikmin in the logo, press Z to make it eat them. Press L to make the Chappie disappear.

At the title screen, press R to make the Pikmin that make up the title text to change into a "Nintendo" pattern.

Defeating Emperor Bulblax
Take about ten Purple Pikmin and use the Ultra-Spicy Spray on them. Throw them all on the giant Bulblax. The Boss should be defeated in just a few seconds.
Defeating Empress Bulblax
Take about three to five Red Pikmin and go into the corner directly next to Empress Bulblax. Start to throw all the Red Pikmin on it. When it is about to shake them off, whistle your Pikmin back and go into the corner, pressing the C-stick Down, so they will be behind you and therefore will not be crushed. Keep repeating those steps until you defeat Empress Bulblax. This is a good strategy to use to keep most of your Pikmin alive.
Defeating Looie's Spider Boss
Go head on to the Boss with only Yellow Pikmin.
In-game Reset
While playing a game, hold X + B + Start.
Looie's Cooking Notes
Rescue Looie from Titan Dweevil at Dream Den.
Looie's Dark Secret FMV Sequence
Successfully complete all challenge mode arenas with a "Pink flower" rank to unlock Looie's Dark Secret FMV sequence.
Luigi's Mansion Reference
Get a group of mostly Red Pikmin. Listen to them closely to hear them hum the theme song from Luigi's Mansion.
Perplexing Pool Level
Get the Exploration Map in the Awakening Wood level to unlock the Perplexing Pool level.
Pikmin Reference
Get twenty of each of the five different Pikmin colors into one group. They will hum the theme song from the original Pikmin.
Play As Shyacho And Wistful Wild Level
Collect 10,000 Pocos and save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery to unlock Shyacho and the Wistful Wild level.
Treasure Completion FMV Sequence
Collect all the treasure pieces and rescue Looie to unlock the treasure completion FMV sequence.

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