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Character Actions
Say the names of various characters at the main selection screen to call them out. For example, say "Ukiki" to make Chipchip jump from the water.

    Say "Brighton" to have Brighton wave at you.

    Say "Fly Guy" to have some of them fly across.

    Say "Goomba" to have them run across.

    Say "Twila" to have her acknowledge you with her staff.

Character Appearances In Verbal Assault
Say the following names and the corresponding character or object will pop out:

    "Bullet Bill"
    "Cheep Cheep"
    "Fly Guy"
Clockwork Castle Board
Put 100 Stars in the Star Bank to unlock the Clockwork Castle board.
Control Dice In Solo Mode
Say a number before rolling the die to increase the chance of that number appearing.
Drop Blocks In Shut Your Mouth
Say "Zero" to drop blocks on enemies.
Monkey Bombs In Word Herd
At anytime say "Ukiki", which will make the monkey throw bombs just like in the Sonic games.
Note: This can only be done three times per game.
Play As Toadette
Put 30 Stars in the Star Bank to unlock Toadette.

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