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Alternate Starting Sounds
While the Gamecube logo appears, hold Z to hear new sounds. Hold Z then about one second later hold A to hear another sound.
Change Screen Refresh Rate
While powering on the system, hold B until the message "Would you like to switch to 50hz mode?" appears. This allows you to switch the screen refresh to match that of PAL games. If playing on a PAL system, the message will be "Would you like to switch to 60hz mode?", allowing the screen refresh to match that of NTSC games.
Control Starting Logo
While the cube bounces down, hold A to form the "G" logo to spin it.
Set System Time And Options
While powering on the system, hold A or hold A while the cube rolls around the screen. Alternately, turn on the Gamecube without a disc. Wait until the opening sequence is over and you will be able to set the time and date on the system, delete memory files (if there is a memory card inserted), and set the sound and screen position.

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