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Additional Shops
Additional shops will appear in Tipa after characters of various classes are present on your memory card. The more characters and varying classes, the more shops and types of them will appear.
When fighting, be strategic. For example, in multi-player mode, when one player is charging up an attack, stand at the ready nearby. The player who is charging up is susceptible to attacks; the other players need to protect him or her. To defeat a major enemy such as a Boss, you can easily win without anything in your command list or using a Phoenix Plume . When you are low on health (for example, one heart), press Y to go to the menu and heal yourself with Berry. You can then finish off your fight easier with full health .This can be done as many times as desired.
Blazin' Caravans Mini-game
Get all the Mog Stamps from the Moogle Nests to unlock the Blazin' Caravans multi-player mini-game. This game is played with linked Game Boy Advances at any Moogle Nest.
Combining Magical Effects To Make Spells More Powerful Or To Make New Spells
Combine the Magicite stones for the basic spells to cast amped-up or new effects. To cast one of the basic spells, you will need to assign its Magicite to a command list slot. If you want to crank up a spell's power, place another of the same Magicite beside the first. To create new spells like Haste, experiment by varying stones and their order in the command list.
Defeating Behemoths
If you have three Blizzard Magicites, the easiest way to kill the Behemoths is to attack the thing, then run to the bridge/planks. It cannot walk on them. Hust cast Blizagga until it is defeated.
Defeating Bosses
When fighting a Boss, make sure you have Plume Of Phoenix Down in all slots and no spells except for one Cure. Keep attacking the Boss until you run low on life, then run to the opposite side of the screen where the Boss cannot get you and cure yourself. Return to the Boss and start to attack him again. Repeat this until the Boss is defeated.
Easy Money
Start a game with four characters. Choose one to be your permanent character and the other three to be temporary. After creating the characters, go to Tipa. Have the temporary characters drop their money (200 Gil each) and their inventory items. Enter Tipa with your permanent character and take the money and items. Repeat this as many times as desired.

This trick require at least two players. First, create your two characters. Then, go back and create more characters. Have one of the players play as one of the character that you want to progress the story with, and the other player play as a character that you just created. Go to "Money" via the menu and drop all of the money off the unwanted character. Then, have the first player pick up the dropped money. This should give you 200 gil per character. Delete the unwanted character and create new ones for another 200 gil.

Enter Conall Curach in the fourth year and go through the first area. There are five treasure chests in the first area. Once you reach the second area, there are nine treasure chests that are accessible at all times. The area where you can get fast and easy money is at one of the last chests in that area. Go down a long path to get there. Once there, you will find three Abaddon. They have 32 HP, STR 6, DEF 5, and MAG 6. Use Gravity on them so that they are on the ground and hit away. They will drop a Jagged Scythe, which can be sold for 900 gil each. You can usually leave Conall Curach with at least 3,000 gil by doing this, You can also use a Jagged Scythe to make a Mighty Weapon.

Jegon River Boat
If the Jegon River runs dry, go to Veo Lu Sluice and cast Life on the dead yellow flowers in the area. This will allow you to use the Jegon River Boat and cross to Fields of Fum.
Monster Difficulty
Depending on the number of players and the Myrrh cycle, a creature's HP will be boosted by a multiplier, as follows:

1 player2 players3 players4 players
Cycle 1x1.25x1.50x1.75
Cycle 2x1.50x1.875x2.25x2.625
Cycle 3x2.50x3.125x3.75x4.375

Painting Mog For Fun And Profit
You can paint your single-player Moogle each time you visit a Nest. Mog will cast spells, and its color determines the spell it is likely to cast: Fire (Red), Blizzard (Blue) or Thunder (Green). The color of your Moogle also decides your Game Boy Advance Radar: Terrain (None), Monster (Red), Treasure (Blue) or Scouter (Green). The latter reveals monster stats.
Starting Stats For Tribes

    Hearts/HP: 4/8
    Attack: 6
    Defense: 7
    Magic: 13
    Styles: Males: Cow lick, natural, head band, and cap.
    Styles: female: Long hair, short hair, dark coat, and white cap.
    Clavats start with an advantage in defense and spellcasting, but are not initially skilled with weapons. They wield swords and other blades.


    Hearts/HP: 4/8
    Attack: 7
    Defense: 6
    Magic: 12
    Styles: Males: Bare head, horned helm, steel visor, and bucket head.
    Styles: Females: Bare head, blue armor, elegant, and red mask.
    Small but fierce, Lilties have the best starting stats for combat but cannot put as much into spells. Lilties use spears, lances, and halberds.


    Hearts/HP: 4/8
    Attack: 5
    Defense: 5
    Magic: 15
    Styles: Males: One horn, bumpy, long beak, black mage.
    Styles: Female: Spiral, tulip, spoon, and heart top.
    Yukes have the best magic stats and power-up spells quickly. Their Attack and defense tend to suffer. Yukes wield hammers in battle.


      Hearts/HP: 4/8
      Attack: 7
      Defense: 6
      Magic: 12
      Styles: Males: Wolfie, shark eyes, raccoon tail, and bandana.
      Styles: Female: Wolfie, shark eyes, raccoon tail, and owl head.
      Selkies do not have high strength, but can power up the fastest Focus Attacks with their weapons. They strike with mauls, cudgels and rackets.

    You will need to choose one of the eight family trades to occupy your parents and siblings while you are on the road. When you return home, you can get trade-specific items from your family. Consider starting eight characters to cram your town with every item-gaining opportunity possible. When you create your character, you will select one of eight family trades. The one you choose can have a big impact on your inventory over time. Your family will ask you to send gifts in your letters from afar. If you send back items that pertain to the family trade, you will get a big payoff in due time. You will not find many towns or tradespeople on your journey. Visit your family (and other families in your town) for rare opportunities to trade.

Stat-Boosting Bonus
The Boss will drop four great stat-boosting artifacts, which tend to be more powerful if you satisfy your bonus condition well. Find out what the condition is by looking at the bottom of your Game Boy Advance radar.
Treasures And Artifacts In Multi-player Mode
You can walk off with only one artifact no matter what, however in a single player game you will have your pick of the mix. In a multi-player party, the hero with the most bonus points gets first choice. However, the artifacts tend to be superior.

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