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Charge Attack
To do a special charge attack, wait until your attack gauge is full and your character starts flashing green. Hold A for approximately two seconds, and release it. Your character will do a charge attack which varies with weapon to weapon.
Dodge All Attacks
First, make sure that you have anything that your character eats to use. Then, wait for the time that you know the enemy is about to use an attack. Before the attack is launched, use the item. Your enemy's attack will not hit, and if you are lucky, you will not lose HP.
Note: Sometimes this fails but you will lose less HP than normal.
Easy Experience
In the room before battling Count Lee, there are four bats flying around. If you kill each one, you may get an object. After a few seconds, the bats reappear. Keep killing them and after awhile you will get easy experience.
Expert Enemies
Kill over 1,000 of the same enemy to replace it with an much more difficult black version of it in future encounters.
Polter Boxes
Every time you defeat a Polter Box, you will get a very good item such as materials, seeds, icons and even coins. However, in some locations, you cannot find a Polter Box. Try to get it by hitting the Polter Box icon using the treasure chest left behind by an enemy that you just killed.
Note: Only some treasure chest contain the Polter Box icon. Others will have spikes, stones etc.

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