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Defeating Floating Ripto
Use Charged Tornado in back of the statue with green eyes. When Ripto charges the attack to deflect it back at you, run behind the statue. Ripto will be destroyed. With the blue one, charge up the Ice Breath. Go behind it and attack Ripto. When destroying the red eyed one, charge up the Flame Breath. Go beside the statue, attack, and run behind the statue. Ripto will destroy that statue.
Defeating Ripto (Chateau Ripto)
You will need to use all three super breath abilities. Start on Fire, as this one is the hardest. Stand directly next to the fire statue (far left) and hit Ripto with the fireball. Do not move. He must hit the statue with an attack of his own before you move on, he aims for you. Next, go to either the lightning or the freeze (recommended) statue. Do the same thing with the super ability. Once he has destroyed all the statues, he will attack the Professor. He will not succeed. Butler will attack him and there will be a false ending after they teleport away.
Defeating Ripto (Heart Of The Land 1)
On Dragon Shores, to get the bridge that the Rhynocs sank shoot the periscope with super fire breath. A small platform will appear between shore and the island (to see the island, use the map feature).. You will have to glide to the platform and then to the island. In the cave, you will meet Ripto. You must defeat Ripto by exploding his three cards with bombs that he is throwing at you. The easiest way to do this is to run back and forth behind Ripto (between him and the wall). When a bomb lands there, push it into Ripto and a card will disappear. Repeat until all cards are gone. You will be awarded the heart of the land. Bring it to the Professor.
Extra Gems
Find a banner with Ripto's face and burn it.
Finding Professor
Go to the Rhynocs N' Clocks level. There will be a door on the area near the vault. The door is the entrance to Chateau Ripto level. In the level you will reach to Ripto's Throne room, and will have to fight Ripto. Once you fight him, he will release Professor (and get attacked by Butler). Once Professor is released (and you get the warp device), he will return to his secret lab. The entrance is near the pink pig playground in Dragon Shores. Enter by using super charged lightning breath on the gold thing. He will only reward you (and end the game) when you have all the hearts.
Once you have the sunglasses (from the Zoo area of Professor's lab; in a gold box), go to the footprints area in each land and press L + A. A tile on the floor will light up. Stand directly over it and press L + A again to go to a secret area and get more gems. Some of these areas are difficult to find. They are often on out of the way islands in the land.
Hedgehog Floats
After you defeat Ripto, go to the Rhynocs N Clocks level using the warp device. When you get there, go forward until you get to the fork in the road. Go up, then keep going forward until you find a green hedgehog. Flame it, but do not ram it towards the statue. Hit it towards the big grandfather clock, then hit it towards the big flower. Next, aim to where you will hit it directly in between the big flower and the wall. Hit it, and it should float off the platform until it hits another piece of land.
Invisible Platform
After you defeat Ripto, go to the Kangaroo Hoodoos level using the warp device. When you get there, jump to the next island then jump on the Ripto statue which should be broken. If it is not, break it with the hedgehog). Then, jump up to where Sheila is located. Go right at the fork in the road. Then, keep going right. After you have gone past the spears, jump off the road. You should find a hedgehog if you went the correct way. Continue until you find an enemy with bombs and a Ripto statue which also should be broken. Once again if it is not, break it with the hedgehog. Jump on the Ripto statue then jump up again. Next go up the stairs on your left. You should find another enemy with bombs and a Ripto statue. Once again, break with the hedgehog if it is whole. Jump on the statue then jump up. Then jump up again where the television is located.
Note: Do not jump up a third time. Go up against the wall and hold Down/Right until you fall on another ledge with an information desk. Then, hold Up/Right then press Jump. After doing so, immediately release the buttons. You should now be standing on an invisible platform.
Music Change
Go to the Thieves' Guild Secret Cave and pause game play. Go into the Journal, then press B to return to the game. You will now hear the music which plays in the Main Guild Hall.
Note: This can also be done in other dark rooms with the music on their levels.

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