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1,000 Koins
When playing the Test Your Might mini game, fill the green line completely to the top. Shao Khan will say "Fantastico" and you will get a 1,000 Koin bonus.
25,000 Koins
Enter "KWIKKASH" as your name to begin the game with 25,000 Koins.
Character Biographies
At the character select screen, highlight a fighter and press Select. Press R to speed up the scrolling text.
Chose A Character For Test Your Might And Test Your Sight
Hold the D-pad in any direction, including the diagonals. For example, hold Left to get Scorpion every time.
Beat your opponent until the "Finish Him/Her" message appears. Press L to get in your fatality stance, then press Back, Down, Forward, A.
Frost's Fatality
Press Down(2), A.
Jax's Fatality
Press Up(2), A.
Kano's Fatality
Press Away(2), Forward, A.
Kenshi's Fatality
Press Down(2), B.
Kitana's Fatality
Press Down, Up, A.
Krypt Kodes
Prissy KitanaAA
Diva Li MeiAC
Arena: The PortalAD
Free Test Your MightAE
+ 50 KoinsAF
Reptile ScorpionAG
Commando JaxAH
Quan ChiAI
Goth Kung Lao AJ
Golden Rose Kung LaoAK
Fly Girl SonyaAL
Goth FrostAM
Anime SonyaAN
Chrome JaxAO
Arena: House of PekaraBA
Reaper ScorpionBB
Smoke ScorpionBC
Goth ScorpionBE
Irish Rose Li MeiBF
Gamma JaxBG
Goth KenshiBH
Free Test Your MightBI
Select Arcade Mode ArenaBJ
Anime Kano BK
Kry Baby Kung LaoBL
Flaming Frost BM
Goth Quan ChiBN
Thermal ModeBO
Ermac Scorpion CA
Hippy Li MeiCB
Goth Shang TsungCC
Evergreen Shang TsungCD
+ 500 KoinsCE
Vlad Shang TsungCF
Armored KenshiCG
Skin-Suit Kitana (sexy)CH
Purple Quan ChiCI
Anime ScorpionCJ
Demon Quan ChiCK
Suntan Quan ChiCL
Black Knight KenshiCM
Stone Sub-ZeroCN
Piotr KanoDA
Icy FrostDB
Denim Dream KanoDC
Akano KanoDD
Goth KitanaDE
Wood Shaman Kung LaoDF
Colorblind KenshiDG
Handyman Shang TsungDH
Technicolor Shang TsungDI
Reaper Quan ChiDJ
Anime KitanaDK
+ 200 koinsDL
Royal Shang TsungDM
Scorpio Sub-ZeroDN
Goth SonyaDO
Goth JaxEA
Anime Li MeiEB
Anime Quan ChiEC
Anime Kung LaoED
Anime FrostEE
Jade KitanaEF
Rogue SonyaEG
Xeno KanoEH
Justice KenshiEI
Anime Shang TsungEJ
White Kight KenshiEK
Undercover JaxEL
Snowy FrostEM
Goth Li MeiEN
Hyper Blue FrostFA
Krypt Rayder Sonya FB
+ 1000 KoinsFC
Mandarin Li MeiFD
Solid Kenshi FE
Shang Tsung FF
Patriotca Li MeiFG
80s SonyaFH
Private KanoFI
Gold Quan ChiFJ
Arena: The SwampFK
Red Sonya FL
Krazy Survival KolorsFM
Scorpette FrostFN
Anime JaxFO
Golden JaxGA
Happy Raver Frost GB
Anime Sub-ZeroGC
+ 100 KoinsGD
+ 250 KoinsGE
Farenheit Sub-ZeroGF
Anime KenshiGG
Captain Sub-ZeroGH
Goth Sub-ZeroGI
Alien Quan ChiGJ
Goth KanoGK
Black JaxGL
Kung Pao Kung LaoGM
Reaper Kung LaoGN
Parliament Shang TsungGO
Celcius ScorpionHA
Krazy KreditsHB
Wild West Kung LaoHC
Leather KitanaHD
Arena: Spy FacilityHE
Iced Sub-ZeroHF
classic mode HG
Night Vision ModeHH
Lace KitanaHI
Lemon Li MeiHJ
Storm ScorpionHK
Classic SonyaHL
Disco King KanoHM
Reaper Sub-ZeroHN
Tart KitanaHO
Kung Lao's Fatality
Press Forward, Away, B.
Li Mei's Fatality
Press Down, Up, A.
Play As Kano
Successfully complete arcade mode on the hard difficulty setting to unlock Kano.
Play As Kitana
Successfully complete arcade mode on the very easy difficulty setting to unlock Kitana.
Play As Quan Chi
Successfully complete arcade mode on the very difficult difficulty setting to unlock Quan Chi.
Play As Shang Tsung
Successfully complete arcade mode on the difficult difficulty setting to unlock Shang Tsung.
Play As Sub Zero
Successfully complete arcade mode on the normal difficulty setting to unlock Sub Zero.
Quan Chi's Fatality
Press Away(2), A.
Scorpion's Fatality
Press Forward, Away, A.
Shang Tsung's Fatality
Press Up, Down, Up, A.
Shang Tsung's Morphs
    Frost: Press Down(2), L.
    Jax: Press Forward(2), L.
    Kenshi: Press Down, Away, L.
    Kitana: Press Down, Up, L.
    Kung Lao: Press Forward, Away, L.
    Li Mei: Press Up(2), L.
    Quan Chi: Press Away, Forward, Left.
    Scorpion: Press Away(2), L.
    Sonya: Press Down, Forward, L.
    Sub-Zero: Press Up, Down, L.
Sonya's Fatality
Press Away(2), B.
Sub-Zero's Fatality
Press Up(2), A.

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