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Catching Bubbles And Gregory
Do not try to walk up to them, as they will run away. You can fly faster than you can walk. Fly very close to them and press A after landing on the floor to catch/hit them. When you are done, you get the Kamahamaha Wave.
Completion Bonuses
Successfully complete the game (including all the quests and sidequests). Start a new game to begin with unlimited energy. After completing the game, you should have one of two things: unlimited energy or the ability to carry four Senzu Beans.
Defeating Bosses
Use the following trick to defeat any Boss without you hardly getting hurt. First, run away from him. Then, when he is charging up for a Ki-blast, go to the side of him and hit him with your own energy blast. This takes longer, but is more effective. To defeat Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta. fly up to a higher place than the normal ground (such as a small mountain). Then, keep hitting them with Ki burst until you kill them.
Defeating Freeza
To kill Freeza in any form, charge up your Ki for the Solar Flare attack. Use it close to him, then punch him a few times and repeat.
Note: You should be at least level 20 when fighting him. When you are fighting Freeza's last form, use all your energy with Solar Flare. Hit Freeza ten times. While he is frozen, run away so you do not get hurt. Keep repeating the Solar Flare. Note: You have to be at level 25 to do this. You have to hit him 62 or 72 times.
Defeating The Dinosaur
When you encounter the first dinosaur (the brown one, and not the pterodactyl), grab the orb then lead him across the river. Then, blast him until he walks out of range. Fly back across, grab the orb, and repeat until you kill it.
Defeating The Ginyu Force
To do this easily, use the invincibility trick by litting someone with a Ki blast hit you while you are flying. The more difficult way is to defeat them one by one. After you fight the first member of the Ginyu, save the game and repeat until you get through them all. For example, save the game after you fight each of the Ginyu Force members, then turn off the game after each member you fight.
Note: Fly scale will be on when you are not flying. To stop flying press Fly twice. Your fly scale will turn off.
Easy Critical Hits
To successfully get a critical hit on an enemy, just walk behind the enemy and punch or shoot a Ki blast. This acts as a backstab, but it is very effective, especially against Freeza's guards.
Easy Experience Points
This trick will work if you are near or above level 14. Outside of the Ancient Ruins Area (not the actual Ruins) is a soldier standing by. Once your Ki charges up, stand aside the north wall that holds the Ancient Ruins entrance and line up with the soldier. Charge up your Kame Hame Ha and blast him. He should die. Then, enter the Ruins, leave, and the soldier should be back. Let your Ki charge again, then blast the soldier again from the same place. Keep repeating this and you will level up very rapidly.
Extra Strength And Ki
As your first attack in the game, use a four stage. You will have 8-up in Ki and strength.
In-game Reset
While playing a game, press L + R + A + B + Start + Select to return to the title screen.
Note: This does not erase your saved game(s).
Infinite Health And Ki
When an energy ball is shot at you, press R to fly and it will hit you. You will land, but the Flight Charge display will still be displayed, meaning that you have lost no health from the attack. However, you will land when hit. Go back in the air and land again to get out of this useful glitch.
Infinite Herbs And Senzu Beans
If you find an Herb or Senzu Bean, pick it up then leave the current map. Return and it will reappear, and can be picked up again.
Note: You can hold up to six Herbs and three Senzu Beans.
Find an enemy that fires Kai beams. Get the enemy to fire a beam at you while you are flying. You should land with your fly meter still on. You will now have unlimited health. To deactivate it, press R(2). It will also wear off when you go to another area.
Note: The invincibility trick will also work on Frieza.
When the introduction song plays when the game is first started, press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.
KameHameHa Wave
Defeat Raditz and find King Kai's planet. Catch Bubbles and hit Gregory. After you do this, King Kai will teach you the KameHameHa Wave.
Quest List
    Roshi's Magazines
    Saved Lost Girl
    Found Dino Egg
    Saved Old Man
    Recovered Toy Boat
    Flowers for Sue
    Returned Kitty
    Defeated Raditz
    Defeated Snake Queen
    Gathered Spirits
    Ate Yemma's Fruit
    Caught Bubbles
    Konked Gregory
    Saved Lost Boy
    Found Capsules
    Stopped Robbers
    Defeated Nappa
    Defeated Vegeta
    Saved Saplings
    Namekian Artifacts
    Defeated Recoome
    Defeated Burter
    Defeated Jeice
    Defeated Captain Ginyu
    Defeated Frieza
Regaining Energy
Save the game, then turn off the power. When you turn the power on again, you will have a full energy and Ki bar.
Note: When this is done, you will be sent back to the beginning of the area or level you where currently on.
Secret Passage In Namek Temple
When there is a Namek statue in front of you, turn left. There is a jewel down in front of you. Take it, go down more, then turn left again. There should be a secret passage there.
Stone Hands In Namek Temple
The stone hands in Namek Temple point to gaps in the wall to secret areas where you can find extra Herbs and/or Senzu Beans. To find the path, follow to where the hand is pointing to, then follow it to the wall points to. Walk into the wall to go through it to reach the secret area.

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