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+3 Power Capsule In Snowy Highlands
When you are collecting the Dragonballs, you will unlock an area called Snowy Highlands. Go there and get up to the frozen river. Use the fly pad to fly across the river. When you get across, go north into the area with four Kuma Mercenarys. Defeat them, then go straight into the wall to the north. Punch it and a cave will be revealed. Inside there will be a Tyrannosaurus. Defeat it, and it will drop a +3 Power Capsule.
7 Nameks Locations
    Mayor's house
    Tropical islands
    Where Piccolo (or God) lives
    Northern desert
    Northern mountains
    B Building of the West City
    Near Goku's house (there is a way behind trees)
99 Cookies
Go to Capsule Corp. and keep talking to Bulma's mom until she says you have 99 Cookies. Cookies recover 5 HP.
Alternate Ending
Unlock Hercule and get him to level 50. Then, go to West City and break down the level 50 door to ZZTV and you will see a different ending to the game.
When you have the Scouter, press Select when fighting a Boss. You will have his or hers data for the rest of the game.
Defeating Bosses
If the land has something such as a palm tree, unbreakable boulder, or something similar, it can block attacks. Have a straight line and have some blocking attacks. Go behind it and you will be safe from attacks. Recharge your energy, then fight. Sometimes if the object that is blocking attacks is thin, you can punch them.
Defeating Cell
When playing as Gohan, hide behind the big boulder where the other heroes are. Cell will be unable to attack. Use Gohan's Masekoma. When playing as Goku, after Cell destroys the Cell Game Arena hide behind the boulder next to where the other heroes are located. Cell cannot attack. Use Goku's Sprit Bomb.
Defeating The Dinosaur King
Go to the place at bottom of the screen where you came from. Stay there and the dinosaur king will not be able to attack you; the small gap is too small for him. Keep shooting fireballs at him until he gives up.
Dragon Ball Z Show And Radio Shack/Circuit City Reference
In West City, inside the electronics store is a kid who says that they sell his favorite anime videos and wishes his life was more like an anime show. Their electronics store is called Circuit Shaq. a mix between two real electronics stores.
Dragonball In East District 439
To get The dragonball in East District, you must first power-up the Orbs by flipping the switches on the left and right sides of the fortress. Then, press A on each of the three Red Orbs to drain the pool. Then, fight your way to an intermission sequence with General Tao. Once you defeat him, you will get your Dragonball.
Easy Experience
Before you get Goku, go to the northern mountains. Find the barrier that Goku is supposed to break. There should be a dinosaur behind it. Hit it through the fence. You will gain a lot more if you are under level 30. Also if you are finding it difficult to level up your characters, the best place to train them would be the "ninja castle" where you fought General Tao while searching for the Dragonballs. Keep fighting the ninjas and they will give you a reasonable amount of experience points.
Easy Friend Battle
At the start of the game when you can fight your friends at the atrium in the Capsule Corp. building, stand to the right of one of the pillars. You can hit them, but they cannot hit you. They will keep coming towards you; stand there and hit them when they are close enough.
Easy Health Or Energy
In certain areas, there are rocks that can be broken to reveal health or energy. After you break the rock and get whatever is under it, leave the area and immediately return. The rock will be there again. Break it again and keep repeating this to get full health and energy.
Easy Health
Save and reset, then chose another player. Switch back and you should have full health.
Easy Kills
To defeat enemies easily, use Gohan, Goku, Trunks, or Vegeta. First, turn Super Saiyan. Then, use Kamehameha, Burning attack, or Big Bang attack. This will not work on androids, except for Cell. Continuing from the energy attack, hit them with a series of punches and kicks. End it with Flurry punch, Super kick, Sword Blast, or Two Handed Smash. For Vegeta you should try using Energy Punch and Big Bang. Alternately, do the Energy attack then launch two regular blasts and two punches. Then, turn Super Saiyan and repeat.
Faster Credits
Rotate the D-pad in circles at the credits. Alternately, hold Down to scroll through the credits faster.
Fountain Switches In East District 439
Flick the swicthes in this order to stop the fountains: top, right, left, top.
Gohan's Trophy
Get to level 50 with Gohan, then go to the ''50'' gate outside Gingertown to collect the trophy.
Goku's Trophy
Successfully complete the game to unlock Goku's trophy.
Golden Capsule Locations
After collecting all twenty five Golden Capsules, see Dr. Briefs. He lets you keep one. When used through the Item window, it takes you back to the World Map if you are standing outside. It will not work inside buildings or caves.

    West City: 5
    Warlord's Domain: 2
    Triceratops Jungle: 2
    Southern Continent: 3
    Northern Mountains: 6
    Outside Gingertown: 2
    Gingertown: 1
    Tropical Islands: 1
    East District 439: 2
    Master Roshi's Island: 1
Korin's Fish In Northern Mountains
You can find Korin's fish easiest in the Northern Mountains where there are three hawks and a pond of water.
Move Dialogue Box
You can move the dialogue box up and down the screen. Press L to move it up and R to move it down.
New Moves
During the game, your journal will get updated to go train with Master Roshi. You can learn one move with Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta and Trunks. One person will learn one move with Master Roshi. The move you will learn with each person is a "Hold A" Move. Hold A and allow the attack to charge and each person does a different move.
Piccolo's Level 50 Trophy
Before you get Piccolo's level 50 trophy, you must fight Cooler (Frieza's brother who you encountered on Earth awhile back and requested to fight Goku). You do not have to fight with Goku, but if you do not, Cooler will become angry and will deal more damage.
Piccolo's Trophy
Get to level 50 with Piccolo, then go to the ''50'' gate at Namek planet to collect the trophy.
Play As Hercule (Mr. Satan)
Get to Level 50 with Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks. Go to the character specific gates marked with 50 to collect trophies. The locations are as follows:

    Gohan: Outside Gingertown
    Piccolo: New Namek (you must find all seven Nameks to visit)
    Trunks: West City
    Vegeta: Northern Mountains

After you complete the Cell Games, Hercule (Mr. Satan) will become available.

Talking Dog In West City
Talk to the dog that is directly under the antique shop constantly. It will finally say "Will you rub my tummy please?" instead of "Woof".
Trunks' Trophy
Get to level 50 with Trunks, then go to the ''50'' gate at West City to collect the trophy.
Vegeta's Trophy
Get to level 50 with Vegeta, then go to the ''50'' gate at Northern Mountains to collect the trophy.
Vinnie's Music
In the cave where you have to turn off Vinnie's music, turn the blue, green, and black switches on.

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