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Game Boy

Blow Up Lara
At the title screen, press A, B(2), A(2), B, A(2).
Cracking Lara's Bones
At the title screen, press A(2), B, A(4).
Lara And Winston The Butler At Lara's House
At the title screen, press A(2), B(2), A, B(3), A.

Gameshark Tomb Raider Hacks
Infinite Health01FF89C1
Infinite Air01FF8AC1
Infinite Large Medipaks0163ACC1
Infinite Small Medipaks0163ADC1
Infinite Door Keys0163AEC1
Infinite Panel Pieces0163AFC1
Infinite Dynamite0163B0C1
Infinite Blue & Red Diamonds01FFB2C1
Infinite Gold Bars0163B3C1
Have 3 Staff Segments01FFB8C1
Have Iris, Snake Eye, Orb & Nightmare Stone01FFB5C1

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