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Chicken Run Cheats

Game Boy

Infinite Time
Enter Diamond, Honor, Cross, Crown as a password.
Enter Crown, Bronze, Honor, Valor as a password.
Level Passwords
2Bronze, Cross, Crown, Bravery
3Diamond, Bravery, Honor, Bronze
4Cross, Bravery, Bronze, Bronze
5Honor, Crown, Diamond, Crown
6Valor, Diamond, Cross, Silver
7Honor, Valor, Cross, Bronze
8Diamond, Silver, Cross, Crown
9Honor, Valor, Bravery, Diamond
10Bronze, Bravery, Cross, Bravery
Level Skip
Enter Honor, Valor, Bronze, Silver as a password. Pause the game and press Select to advance to the next level.
Medal System
The game's passwords work by entering various medals. To change the default medal (Bronze) to one of the others, press Down the following number of times:

    Cross: Press Down.
    Valor: Press Down(2).
    Silver: Press Down(3).
    Honor: Press Down(4).
    Bravery: Press Down(5).
    Crown: Press Down(6).
    Diamond: Press Down(7).

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Infinite Feed0109D0C1

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