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Level Passwords
Desert: Cactus Flats
Ghost Town(none)
CautionGrenade, Machine Gun, Helicopter, Jeep
En RouteJeep, Helicopter, Helicopter, Jeep
Clean UpMachine Gun, Grenade, Machine Gun, Grenade
Desert: Casa Flats
Enter TownMachine Gun, Helicopter, Jeep, Machine Gun
To The BankGrenade, Grenade, Helicopter, Helicopter
Stop the TansMachine Gun, Jeep, Machine Gun, Helicopter
Tan's HQJeep, Jeep, Grenade, Machine Gun
Desert: Winding Canyon
Find that JeepMachine Gun, Plane, Jeep, Helicopter
Clear PatrolsTank, Helicopter, Jeep, Machine Gun
Clear the RadarMortar, Tank, Helicopter, Jeep
Play it AgainMachine Gun, Helicopter, Tank, Mortar
To the HelipadMachine Gun, Mortar, Machine Gun, Helicopter
Alpine: Winding River
PatrolMortar, Mortar, Grenade, Machine Gun
DefenseHelicopter, Grenade, Jeep, Machine Gun
Radar Round UpJeep, Mortar, Machine Gun, Machine Gun
House CallHelicopter, Jeep, Grenade, Plane
Movin' OnPlane, Tank, Mortar, Jeep
Alpine: Prison Camp
Assault PrepMachine Gun, Tank, Helicopter, Jeep
Assault StartMachine Gun, Mortar, Plane, Mortar
Destroy CampMortar, Machine Gun, Grenade, Mortar
EscapePlane, Machine Gun, Grenade, Machine Gun
Alpine: Construction
Secure RegionMortar, Plane, Machine Gun, Plane
Get the TankHelicopter, Jeep, Grenade, Tank
Sack the BaseMachine Gun, Helicopter, Helicopter, Jeep
Final AssaultMortar, Helicopter, Machine Gun, Jeep
VictoryPlane, Tank, Plane, Machine Gun

Gameshark Army Men Hacks
Infinite Health014018CC
Infinite Ammo For First Selected Weapon01FF9EC3

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