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Game Boy

Level Passwords
1Mortar, Tank, Mortar, Jeep
2Jeep, Jeep, Mortar, Plane
3Tank, Grenade, Tank, Mortar
4Rifle, Mortar, Jeep, Plane
5Mortar, Rifle, Plane, Jeep
6Mortar, Grenade, Rifle, Chopper
7Plane, Grenade, Rifle, Tank
8Grenade, Mortar, Chopper, Mortar
9Tank, Mortar, Rifle, Tank
10Jeep, Chopper, Tank, Mortar
11Rifle, Mortar, Grenade, Mortar
12Jeep, Chopper, Grenade, Chopper
13Plane, Plane, Grenade, Mortar
14Plane, Rifle, Plane, Chopper
15Rifle, Chopper, Chopper, Tank
16Chopper, Chopper, Rifle, Grenade
17Rifle, Tank, Plane, Mortar
18Rifle, Rifle, Grenade, Jeep
19Rifle, Jeep, Chopper, Grenade
20Chopper, Grenade, Rifle, Jeep
21Mortar, Grenade, Chopper, Jeep
22Rifle, Tank, Chopper, Rifle
23Plane, Jeep, Tank, Mortar
24Chopper, Rifle, Jeep, Mortar
25Tank, Grenade, Plane, Grenade
26Plane, Tank, Rifle, Mortar
27Tank, Tank, Jeep, Tank
28Jeep, Tank, Jeep, Mortar

Gameshark Army Men 2 Hacks
Infinite Health013C3DCE
Weapon Modifier Slot 101??9CC3
Weapon Modifier Slot 201??9DC3
Weapon Modifier Slot 301??9EC3
Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Codes
01 - Assualt Rifle
02 - Rocket Launcher
04 - Health
05 - Grenades
06 - Mines
07 - Mine Sweeper
08 - Mortar
0A - Flame Thrower

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