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70 Person Battle
Successfully complete the game and save the Clear Data to unlock 70 Person Battle on the options screen. Disc 3 must be in the Dreamcast in order to play this mode.
Better Slot Machine Chances
Go to the Lapis fortune teller and choose "Gamble" for your fortune. She will give you a lucky number. Go to the slot house and find the slot machine with your lucky number on it. You should win approximately 70% of the time.
Extra Money
After getting your job, on the second day of work move all the boxes to Warehouse 3 as normal. When the shift ends, do not go to the back of Warehouse 17. Instead, play darts or practice your moves to waste time until Ryo says it is time to go home. When you wake up the next morning, you will have the same work day over again. If you made quota the previous day, you will get paid more money for the same job. This can be repeated as much as needed.
Hidden Artwork
Place any of the three game discs in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find high resolution .BMP files in the "Omake" directory.
Hidden Audio
Turn on the Dreamcast with no disc inside. When the system screen appears, go to the CD player. Insert any of the game discs. When the Shenmue disc loads, play the CD to hear the Shenmue voices tell you the dangers of putting a Dreamcast GD-ROM in a CD player. Each disc has a different voice. Disc one has Ryo talking, disc two has Chai, and disc three has Nozomi.
Infinite Money (Japanese Version)
Take the 500 yen you are given each day from the table and leave the house. Return to the house and enter your room. Leave your room and 500 more yen will be on the table. Repeat this as much as needed to collect an unlimited amount of money.
Real Weather
Successfully complete the game and save the Clear Data to unlock "Magic Weather" on the settings menu in the options screen. This option allows the weather in the game to match the actual weather on that date in 1986 and 1987 in Yokosuka.
Reverse Control Configuration For Space Harrier
To reverse the control configuration (down and up are switched) in Space Harrier, hold A, X, or Y. "Up input is down" should appear below the number of credits. Press Start to play the game with reverse control.

Gameshark Shenmue Hacks
Master Code (Must Be On)22C5F54A
Max Money2A27ADC8
Have All Collection16755819
Have All Punches MasteredEC17161D
Extra ItemsC967A971

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