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Alternate Costume Colors
Start a new game and select a character. Enter one of the following character names to unlock two additional colors at the costume selection screen:


Character Movements

Note: This trick requires a Dreamcast keyboard. Hold [Alt] and press [F1] through [F12] to make your character perform various movements.
Control Loading Screen
At the loading screen that features streaks of light coming towards you, press the Analog-stick to move a small twinkling star around.
Extra Difficulty Settings
Successfully complete the off-line version of the game to unlock the hard difficulty setting. Successfully complete the off-line version of the game on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the very hard difficulty setting. You get more experience and better items under these new difficulty settings.
Hidden Artwork
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find images from the game in the "Extra" folder.
Save Screenshots
Place a completely empty VMU in slot 2 of a controller that is plugged into port D. A screenshot requires 195 blocks of space. Start an online or offline game. Hold A + X then press Start on controller D to save the current screen. If done correctly, a black screen with a countdown will appear. The game will resume after the countdown, and the screenshot will be on the previously empty VMU. Go to with the Dreamcast Planetweb browser to transfer your snapshot from your email mailbox. You also can upload your screens on Sonic Team's Official PSO Visual BBS webpage and view other screenshots.

Gameshark Phantasy Star Online Hacks
Enable Code (Must Be On)1EBF9758
Save To A Different Memory Card154C1517

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