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Alternate Costume Colors
Successfully complete arcade mode on the intermediate or higher difficulty setting to unlock new costume colors for use in character edit mode.
Successfully complete the following levels in mission mode to unlock the corresponding bonus:

3AdvancedGLG40MM Pipe Bomb Launcher weapon
3IntermediateBonus level
4AdvancedIcon Bomb weapon
5AdvancedProofer playable character
5IntermediateScarpin playable character
7AdvancedBonus level
8AdvancedDICW weapon
8NoviceCommander playable character
9AdvancedBonus level
10AdvancedEnemy B.A.T. weapon and D.K. playable character
11AdvancedPSG-1 weapon
11IntermediateSiba playable character
12AdvancedBonus level
12IntermediateUmp Machine Gun weapon
13AdvancedSPAS12 weapon
14AdvancedBonus level
14NoviceShinobi playable character
15AdvancedGuided Missile 2 weapon and Salamander and Dr. K playable character
15NoviceBonus level

Free Edit Mode
Successfully complete arcade mode on the advanced difficulty setting with Neil or Nereshkova to unlock a free editing option for Neil and Nereshkova.
Sound And Movie Modes
Successfully complete mission mode on the novice, intermediate, and advanced difficulty settings to unlock the "Sound Test" and "Movie Test" options under the options menu.

Gameshark Outtrigger Hacks
Infinite StrengthDFD89B5A
Infinite Ammo2F7F72DF
Max Combo Gauge24FF7BC0
Max ScoreF5F970C9

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