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Running Race Mini-game
To unlock the running race mini-game, first teach Moigle how to tie his shoes. This should take around 30 points. Next, play the game until you fight the final Cat Commando in the swamp area. Defeat him, then teach Moigle the running race game for 35 points. Return to the junkyard and go over to the Wheel Of Laughter. Go behind the barrels to the left and have Moigle put the old sneakers you find there on. Finally, return to the swamp to play the running race mini-game.

Gameshark Floigan Brothers Hacks
Master Code First (Must Be On)9C5D88F8
Master Code Last (Must Be On)245EECA9
999 Points HoigleDF4ACA08
999 Points Moigle3F4EFEFB

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